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Made from all things good
2016/12/21 11:13
Love cake but can’t help but glance at that expanding waist line ? I know exactly how that feels. Hurts when you’re not working out, hurts even more when you are. Last couple of months, I’ve been busy with a new project, something thats been my passion at par with cooking … I cannot be happier and grateful at this point of my life as I see my dream come to life, my very own Fitness Studio. It is the first of its kind in India, Surfset Fitness, a full body workout – inspired by Surfing, that targets, strengthens your core and helps build lean muscle. Surfset Fitness India is now open in Mumbai and I can gladly say to all those who’ve been accusing of me making them fat me for years … I can now make you “lean and mean too.”

Surfset Fitness is the brainchild of Mike Hartwick & Bill Ninteau + fellow partner Sara Ponn, originated in the US and now a in a 160 cities worldwide. And now thanks to my Husband we have one in Mumbai and looking forward to opening studios all over India.

Seeing benefits from your workout, is not only about being committed to it, but somewhere also in eating right. I’m the last one to go on a crazy diet, but I do like to eat smarter and balance my bad meals with good meals. Choose healthier options whenever you can and just be a lot more aware of what you put in your mouth. A person like me cannot give up on my cravings for cake or something sweet at the end of every meal, or that odd hour snack. So I thought, if I must, then why not make it healthy.

this is a GLUTEN FREE recipe, you could even tweak it a wee bit and make it DAIRY FREE. Just substitute the yogurt with coconut oil, and instead of caramel candies, use regular dark chocolate or blueberries. These muffins with all the combination of flours, has an incredible texture, so soft and fragrant with the banana, vanilla and coconut oil. Some bites get a crunch from the almonds and some an explosion from the gooey chocolate caramels. I’m in love with these.