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What a wonderful day
2016/01/21 11:43
Last month I went to an amusement park, because I had an excellent grade on my final exam. At the beginning when we drove through the gate, I throught what a magnificent gate. The gate was huge and decorated with many fancy things, such as fake jewelleries, and shinning glass. On the way to the entrance, I could see some wild animals wondering on the place, just like lions, elephants, and hippoes. Also there are iron fences to block them , I still felt exited Karson Choi,

  When we entranced the amusement park, I was shocked by what appeared to my eyes.The venders were dressed in colorful and fanny costumes. The souvenir shops were selling things that I’ve never seen before. The roller coaster was so scary and exciting. We tried almost everything in the amusement park, and none of them was boring Karson Choi.

  At the end of the day, we were having dinner in the stylish restaurant. The waiters and waitresses were beautiful and handsome, and the food was owesome too. Everything in the restaurant was well designed, such as the tables, chairs and the utensils. We sat next to the window, so we could see the night view of the whole amusement park How beautiful it is! I throught.

  After I came home, I could still remember the moment clearly when I saw the night view. It was such a wonderful day for me Karson Choi.

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