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and stopped barking
2015/07/13 10:03
Night sleeping sleep, wake up the window of cicadas DaaS Provider, I dimly looked out of the window, the sky is light, look at the clock on the wall is already six o'clock in the morning, I didn't have to get up the meaning, or continue dreaming; I like the sleep sleep is out of the window of the cicadas fights tossing, mind, irritability, such a one second past!

I really could not lie down, reluctantly got up and saw out the window bright, cicadas seems to be that the more expensive the crisp, perhaps every morning used this noisy environment atmosphere, although some resentment, also can endure a forbearance on the past.

Accompanied by the chirping of cicadas, there are also a few sparrows on a branch outside the window called jumping, is very lively, lush foliage, blocking the cicada's figure, only hear the sound of crickets, but can not see a trace of it, I within the window within a limited range searching the moment had to abandon causeway bay service apartment!

I hurried to pick up a lot and went out of the yard.

Street has one car come, one car go, through people hurried, for the new day starts greeting at the beginning of the rise of the sun went their separate ways.

Street walking people, some parallel, some retrograde and oncoming, almost all familiar faces, one full of vigor and vitality, ruddy, refreshed.

Walk, I was tree of cicadas, stop my steps, here, I listen to the call, around the tree stem the rise of search as a figure, dense foliage obscured the airtight, I carefully slowly find, finally in a high tree branches of a tree found it, cicadas appeared at this point, let me have a sense of intimacy and recall feeling, see its transparent like mirror wings and black cicada body, then back to think of childhood once catch cicadas of various interesting experience...

Maybe I'm watching cicada found it, and stopped barking, we stare at each other.

I look forward to, feeling really sore neck numbness, had to give up the attention, I left under the tree walked a few steps, then cicada and continue to call up, and the sound louder, almost to pressure elsewhere under the cicadas, always want to a high and low points, let me know! Life in our human beings, there are competitors, in the competition to exercise their own Chinese business culture, never give up!

The cicadas musical accompaniment, quickening my pace, facing the rising sun such as Asahi Asahi, into a new day began to busy.

Busy people feel the time past quickly, but almost every hour of the day are in nature the cicadas Yue sound spent, sound in high and low appear anywhere. We just in the busy didn't care or ignore the existence of the cicada.

It is the summer of cicada, a symbol of good singer, in nature, it has brought us a beautiful voice and a lot of fun label applicator hk !

Hot summer, Tianchang short night, could not sleep a long time I lay in bed, looking out of the window the moonlight, listening to the window still chirping of cicadas, that sounds a little hoarse, some reluctantly.
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