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Loop38~休士頓的New Music年輕樂團
2017/04/19 07:50

引用文章 Loop38~休士頓新樂團 by 蜂鳥

文末附上非營利組織MUSIQA Houston 的一則報導,詳盡說明了Loop38的源起

Since its debut in December, the 17-person group has been breaking uncommon musical territory in Houston.


德州 Houstonia 雜誌網站介紹該樂團的報導:

Meet Houston’s New Music Ensemble: Loop38

Co-founded by Yvonne Chen and Jerry Hou, Loop38’s 17-person collective is original in both size (larger than most chamber groups, smaller than an orchestra) and repertoire. Since its debut in December, the group has been breaking uncommon musical territory in Houston.

Photos by Lynn Lane.

Loop 38,是UDN名記者蜂鳥的鋼琴家女兒Yvonne Chen和吾家指揮家女婿Jerry Hou於2016年在休士頓的Rice大學共同創立,帶領17名青年音樂家所組成的室內樂團,為古典音樂注入新元素、激發新火花,期能吸引這一代的新新人類親近,進而引領古典音樂的新風潮!

首次演出在2016年12月6日晚間7點半,於休士頓MATCH Gallery登場,讓現場觀眾耳目一新!

接著是今年3月21日,晚間8點在Rice大學的James Turrell Skyspace演出的"Color into Sound",深受媒體好評。

↑  Loop38 in electrolab at the Turrell Skyspace at Rice University, March 21, 2017.

Photos by Sherry Cheng.

↑  Loop38 percussionist Brandon Bell, performing with the ensemble at Rice’s James Turrell Skyspace last March. 


德州arts and culture 雜誌網站的報導之一:

Color into Sound: Loop38 at Turrell Skyspace

↑  Loop38 co-founder Jerry Hou.  

Nothing but the Sound – Loop 38 debuts work by Austrian Composer George Friedrich Haas in Houston--Rothko Chapel hosts concert performed in near darkness, Tuesday, May 2.

Cadence Enterprise 4/4/2017

德州arts and culture 雜誌網站的報導之二:

Houston Welcomes New Music Ensemble Loop38

by   April 14, 2017

本季最後一場演出,將於5月2日 晚間 7 點, 在休士頓 Rothko Chapel 舉行,歡迎前往觀賞!3900 Yupon St. 713-660-1403. 

They gave you a light show at the Turrell Skyspace with their last performance, this time it's darkness... You do not want to miss Loop38's last concert of the season at Rothko Chapel on May 2. (轉自女兒Jenny Wang 臉書)

德州 Houstonia 雜誌網站對此次演出的報導:

Fearless New Ensemble Loop38 Performs In Complete Darkness

It's now been said - we're FEARLESS.

相關網站連結:Loop38 臉書

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