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2015/12/03 03:37

↑   女兒發起本週日之品嚐休士頓餐飲界10大名廚手藝之愛心募款晚宴餐券

Houston culinary all-star chefs are joining together to host a multi-course dinner to raise medical funds for friend, fellow food-lover and consummate volunteer Liz Fenton. There will only be 120 seats for this exclusive dinner.

To celebrate Fenton’s love of food, a feast will be prepared by this all-star chef team:

-- Chris Shepherd of Underbelly
-- Adam Dorris of Pax Americana
-- Manabu "Hori" Horiuchi of Kata Robata
-- Ronnie Killen of Killen's BBQ & Killen's Steakhouse
-- Hugo Ortega of Hugo's, Caracol & Backstreet Cafe
-- Ryan Pera of Coltivare & Revival Market
-- Seth Siegel Gardner & Terrence Gallivan of The Pass and Provisions
-- Justin Yu and Karen Man of Oxheart

Desserts will be crafted by Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar and Philip Speer formerly of Uchi & Uchiko.

Each chef will be preparing one dish which will be paired with wine by sommelier, Justin Vann of Public Services. The meal will be served Fenton’s favorite way to eat: family-style. 

Some of the dishes to expect are Shepherd’s Korean fried chicken, Killen’s BBQ beef ribs, Pera’s whole roasted fish, three kinds of sashimi by Chef Hori, Dorris’ Smoked Beef Tartare with fermented pickles, tonnato, mustards and mesquite corn sourdough, and Ortega’s lobster tamales. 

Tickets are available for a suggested cash donation of $300 per person at: 

-- Fluff Bake Bar, 314 Gray Street
-- Underbelly, 1100 Westheimer St. 
-- Oxheart, 1302 Nance
-- Killen's BBQ, 3613 E Broadway

The event is generously underwritten by Lee Ellis. 

Sponsors to date are Underbelly, Bandol Wines, Greenway Coffee & Tea, Louisiana Foods Global Seafood Source, Patterson & Murphy Public Relations, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, International Marine Products and True World Foods.


For more information about Liz Fenton visit:



由女兒Jenny Wang发起的愛心募款慈善餐會,120個位子銷售一空!今晩在 Underbelly餐館, 12桌善心人士,共同品嚐兩箱各种美酒及餐館菜單上沒有的私房美饌佳餚,全部由女兒出面向餐館各界募得。

善款点滴分毫均入Liz的醫療費用基金!晚宴及昨天的烘焙點心義賣帮同行韓裔朋友Liz Fenton募得善款四萬元整,加上网站上目前捐款三萬六仠多元,小計七萬六仟多美元…,這一切,僅僅是個開始!

↑   女兒Jenny開場致詞~

↑   Liz Fenton 在餐後致感谢辭~桌上鮮花依惯例來自本人庭院  

↑   Host chef Chris Shepherd with Liz Fenton. Photo by Kimberly Park

↑   Philippe Gaston, Ruben Ortega, Hugo Ortega, event organizer Jenny Wang. Photo by Kimberly Park

↑   菜色豐富、琳琅滿目的菜單~

↑   Sashimi from Kata Robata chef Manabu Horiuchi began the meal. Photo by Kimberly Park

↑    Ronnie Killen and chefs from Kata Robata ready beef ribs. Photo by Kimberly Park

↑   Rebecca Masson adds cherries to her pistachio cake.  Photo by Kimberly Park


Houston's all-star chefs create magical memorable meal at fundraiser for culinary favorite