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Be a Good Root prior to becoming Lotus
2007/11/18 22:48

Egyptic Nymphaea Lotus
Image Credit : by a great Flickr member / 'Annieta''

"Be a good root prior to becoming Lotus"

While we all are bathing in the Dharma Water,
as benefited from and Blessed by
the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,

We shall not forget
the Dharma Water can cultivate Lotus Flowers
in a shallow water pond.

The Lotus is a symbolic Virtue in Buddhism,
A blooming Lotus represents
the purification and spiritual liberation,
It is a vehicle travels to
the Pureland and other Holy places.

To get on board,
no ticket and no booking is required
for a passenger like you.

It takes off at anytime whenever you are ready.
All you have to do is to step onto it.

Lotus is a First Class seat,
very comfortable and no safety belt is needed.

Once you get on board, 
just sit there with two legs crossed in relax,
the same position as you practice meditation.

The Lotus is our goal in Becoming.

While learning to becoming a Lotus,
we shall bear in mind that
we are but a good and healthy lotus root now,
on the bottom of a muddy water pond,
sucking the nutrition and
intake daily doses of Dharma water.

The true face of Lotus Root
is with a dirty and ugly skin outside,
but with non-stained and clean body inside,
Our Buddhahood is there within.

By the merits and virtue
from our practicing as taught by
the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,
in right 8 folded path,
we can soon bust ourselves out
from a Lotus Root Body.

We are very blessed and grateful to
stay in the lowered ground of water
as guided and inspired by many
full-hearted and outstanding spiritual authors.

We are bathing and cultivating ourselves  
right Here and Now in this UDN Blog Cummunity
where full of Dharma talks,
Loving kindness and Compassion,
in Peace and Harmony all the time.

At the end of our daily meditation and learning,

Let us practice our penitence for misdeeds,

Let us not forget
to dedicate our merits and virtue, if any,
to those needed
free from all sufferings and hardship,

Let us share the love
from the Buddha. Dharma and Sangha.

Let us be a Good Root prior to Becoming Lotus.

May All Beings Be Well And Peace,




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迴響(4) :
4樓. 貝琪與小雪莉
2007/11/19 16:43


I must watch my speech to avoid spreading wrong message.

Next generation is the hope of our Lovely country and ours, too.

May she is inspired by Mother's teach.

It is actually taught by our Buddha.

Thank you for your warm note.

Deep Bow,

Path Walker2007/11/19 17:56回覆
3樓. 紫衣
2007/11/19 08:50
紫衣自己種的 Lotus
2樓. 紫衣
2007/11/19 08:46
my Lotus

Thank you for the offer of this Beautiful image.

Beautiful Lotus but an effect,

Rather be a good root of Lotus as a good cause has been mindfully planted and cultivated.

Thank you for sharing.

Deep bow,

Path Walker2007/11/19 08:54回覆
1樓. 紫衣
2007/11/19 08:34
Be a Good Root prior to becoming Lotus

Let us be a Good Root prior to Becoming Lotus. ^_^





Thank you so much for your wonderful verse responding to this post.

So much encouraged by the giving of your insight.

Welcome to visit here often and find your peaceful inspiration.

Deep bow,

Path Walker2007/11/19 08:41回覆