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My secret
2009/04/22 22:20



I have a secret

Without this secret I am not me

It is this secret that builds me

But it is a secret that I cannot give

As this secret that makes me

Will be a secret that breaks me


I have a secret

It is a secret so strong

That it haunts me in my dreams

It a secret of desire

That devours me like a fire


I have a secret

It is a secret that attracts and repels

It is in this pushing and pulling

That I find my ground

That constantly has me contemplating

That makes me unsettling


I have a secret

And it won’t let me be

It is the demon within me

The devil that whispers to me

And until I find my peace

I will remain a half-breed

That is neither nor

That hides in the grey of shades


You will not see me

Just as your eyes are blinded by the so called “truth”

Because of this

You will not see me

For who I am


And that secret

Shall remain





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1樓. Pegs
2009/04/23 05:51
and ...what is the secret? it really makes me curious what this secret is about :D

and it reminds me of the speech of 'I have a dream' - and a secret, could be as powerful as a dream :)
A secret told is no long a secret :p 己星人2009/05/13 06:02回覆