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Why smart phones ? Why apps? (英文寫作練習2)
2013/04/11 11:30

  People about my age tend to use traditional cellphones. They think smart phones are not things people really need. Complicated functions and ways to operate smart phones often confuse them and make them even more reluctant to use them. They think telephones are for talkning. Why not just   stick to traditional cellphones?  I used to feel the same way, too.  But somehow I change my mind recently.

   I got my first  smart phone about one year ago. It was a Wildfire of HTC. Why I bought an HTC  mainly because I wanted to experience it, and of course, because that was a Made In Taiwan. I bought my second smart phone, which was a Desire U of HTC, in the end of last year because the first one sometimes called out or recieved phone calls automatically for me without letting me know, and as you know, which could cause serious consequencies.

  One day when I was browsing the functions of my Desire U, I noticed several apps called "XX bus master", then I downloaded it and tried using it. I cried out for Emma because of its amazing function that enables one person to know exactly where the bus is and how long it will take to get to certain bus stop that he/she intends to go. Boring long waiting for buses won't be necessary any more. Isn't it fatastice that people no longer need to wait for the buses as long as they have smart phones and there is free wifi nearby?  

  For another, I sometimes listen to Tune In Radio (an app which enables you to search for all types of radio stations from all over the world.) before going to bed. One night when I was listening to a song from Tune In Radio, an app called Sound Hound popped on the screen. I didn't know what's that for and how it function then. But only for curiosity, I touched the icon and amazingly, some messages indicated it was searching for the name of the song and the lyrics appeared on the screen shortly after that.  Wouldn't you be astonished to know, from now on, whenever you listen to something, you get to know exactly what you are listening to ?

  There are too many more apps to talk about. However, how they work on your daily life and how to make the most out of each function of them are left to be explored by you and me.

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 smart phones 是昂貴的玩具,


7樓. 其正
2013/10/20 21:55
6樓. 嵐山
2013/06/28 11:35
wifi is free, if you are in the wifi environment, you will automatic connect to wifi, right?
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2013/06/21 20:35

The World is changing fast! I used to design some functions of 3G cell-phones.  Now that Smart phone functions are really amazing. Sooner or later, people will be used to them, the same way computer conquers the world.

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2013/06/11 16:43



我用的是HTC ONE X 還滿好用的

3樓. 牛兒
2013/06/10 14:36

  謝謝回應。就我個人使用經驗,HTC最大問題是觸控面板,或許是因為放在口袋裡(不小心碰觸?),當有來電時,它竟會在不知情的情況下自動接起,甚或自已撥給別人,這兩項都是致命錯誤。Wildfire 和 Desire U 都發生過,我女兒叫我換One,但會不會也一樣?

Robert TCW2013/06/11 09:24回覆
2樓. 嵐山
2013/06/08 12:12
got it
i just got the iphone app to remind me to down load the app to the phone, so which means the application for the new function toward to the phone. okay, I got it.  I am slow, bear with me.

 Janet: Thanks for yout response. I don't know how they define apps technically. As I know, apps are small softwares easy and convenient to use on smart phones. It can be a software whcih allows you to do things like :buying and selling your stocks、checking out your train schedules, or just for playing games. Apps( Is it the short form for application ?) are generally faster and more users-friendly when compared to regular softwares used on pcs or notebooks. :)    Robert

Robert TCW2013/06/11 09:13回覆
1樓. 嵐山
2013/06/08 09:50
apple 5G
I am not a computer savy, so don't know app stands for?  iphone is my phone/camera/FB/UDN/Email/Navi....etc. all function in One.  Thank you foy your sharing and introduction.