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川普的替罪羊 - WHO 與譚德賽
2020/04/15 21:41

"好鬥之鬥, 為鬥而鬥" - 特朗普這次挑了軟柿子

由蒂姆•阿維爾 – 美國通訊員

2020年4月15日 晚上8:16

華盛頓:在玫瑰園的新聞發佈會上,唐納德•特朗普對世界衛生組織發出了有效和及時的批評。- 內容是,世衛組織片面相信中國的聲明,以至於沒有警告其他國家有關冠狀病毒的信息。





午後, 輪到世界衛生組織。





Spoiling for a fight: Trump starts a battle with someone who wont throw punches back

By Tim Arvier • US Correspondent

8:16pm Apr 15, 2020


Washington, D.C: At the Rose Garden Press Conference, Donald Trump made some valid and timely criticisms of the World Health Organisation.

Namely, that it failed to warn other countries about coronavirus and took Chinas statements at face value.


However, the reasoning behind Trumps halting of funding is questionable. As more reports emerged over the weekend of the early warnings given to the Trump administration, the president was clearly "spoiling for a fight".


Yesterday he picked a fight with the media.

This morning, he picked a fight with states over who has the power to reopen the economy.

By this afternoon, the fight has moved on to the WHO.

Finally, he has settled on the one organisation which is not used to throwing punches back.


Perhaps the most compelling reason that Trump has zeroed in on them.

Donald Trump likened the coronavirus to the sniffles in February, and is now accusing the media of minimising the risk.Donald Trump likened the coronavirus to the sniffles in February, and is now accusing the media of minimising the risk. 


While the WHO has serious questions to answer, many are questioning whether the middle of a pandemic is the best time to withdraw their funding.

Meanwhile, Trump and China also have questions to answer.

The president blasted WHO for taking Chinas statements about the virus "at face value" and that "they even praised China for their so called transparency."

Problem is, Trump did the same thing, repeatedly going on TV and twitter to also praise China.


China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!


When asked about it today, he denied it, stating "I dont talk about Chinas transparency".

But what this all demonstrates is how desperate Trump is to move the media cycle on from his own administrations failings.


History shows that Trump does not like taking the blame for anything, and hes not about to start with coronavirus.

A scapegoat will be found, whether its the media, governors or WHO.

Right now, its the WHO.


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2樓. 玉米蘋果
2020/10/29 00:54

     嗨, 像不像是打 花式撞球 ~

     入袋的, 總是代表分數的 各色花球...

     然而 操縱全局的, 卻是 那只握杆的手與頭腦!

     川普 自詡 聰明一世 拍臉(清醒一下)

     其實, 敞開來說, 也只是這般而已


1樓. 瑩雪
2020/04/16 10:16