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2016 South Pacific Vacation
2016/01/22 21:07

Dear friends


Tomorrow (23 Jan. 2016) I will traveling alone to South Pacific Islands, this time I have one month vacation, I have never been those islands before, between islands transport by planes, the flight tickets are very expensive, so I have arranged only 5 countries to visit, other countries maybe next journey to go.


All island countries are Visa free or visa on arrival, I made my budget by Excel, the flight tickets cost NT $83106, I booking all hotels on line, they cost NT $32313,My journey total budget is NT $160,000.


Now let me say good bye to you, wishing happiness will be with you, see you next month.


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5樓. BinH
2016/02/16 08:09
Still on the trip?
Just out of woods this morning and, my God, u might get stuck in Soloman Islands last week. That is not fun! Without motor boat and vehicle, it is hard to travel islander nation like Fiji or Soloman Islands. I see most areas in this islands seems not accessible by paved road. Waaaa, that means most of people there only get to the mountainous interior only BY FOOT! They don't have public transportation for general people?? Every household has their own vehicle? Uhmmmm....

fortunately the hotel gave me a free transfer to airport,

and I arrived Nauru in 12 Feb. 2016, after stayed 3 days I leave Nauru,

14 Feb. I arrived Brisbane, joined a tour to Fraser island, today finish the tour journey,then at 17:45 by train from brisbane, 1.5 hour I arrived Gold Coast Varsity lakes, then by bus half hour to airport , at 20:00 pm I arrived hotel near airport, I will departure 9:00 morning flight leave Australia.

Bled2016/02/16 18:39回覆
4樓. BinH
2016/02/10 03:08
It is not realistic to bike in the rainy hot season of tropical area. Scrooter might be Ok. There always are some alternatives, like sharing taxi fee with other travellers, or free with helpful local people that is even better. I would be interested in exotic plants or land/sea animals. I see long rugged coast on the Fiji.

I am currently in west Arizona, expect meet desert big horned sheeps. Have been some good time with my hunting buddy.

9 Feb from Suva flight to Nadi, then transfer international line to Solomon Islands,

I have 3 nights in the Honiara, the town is boring, but people are very kind, original I wish going to East Rennell, but no tour can join, so I gave up that  schedule. the hotel have good view and cheap restaurant, but no free Wifi, today I went to post office ,there have free internet and computer let people use it. Tomorrow my flight is 6:15am, the hotel promise free transfer to airport for all guests, hope they don't cheat me again, without this service, in the early morning I don't know what can I do.

Bled2016/02/11 08:29回覆
3樓. BinH
2016/02/04 07:28
On Web, I read some Somoan guide leads bicycle tour around island

Samao is a small island, only around 1000 square mile. Sound like a good place to fit backpack trip if safe. Thats the way to be close to the sea life, plant, ocean.... nature provdes. Do u see any people hike and camp around the island? Diving, swimming, surfing maybe popular on that island. If the rest of islands have similar circumstances, maybe u should consider buying a bigger mountain hike backpack, then u can enjoy the trip by walking around camp in tent. BUT Safety is Number One consideration.    I saw web sites, there are Somoan tour companys rent bicycle or maybe scooter. Both rents should be much cheaper than car rental. Could be useful travelling possibility for future ways touring other islands.

by bicycle in such hot day that is imposible , my hotel is in the top of mount, I don't have ability to riding bicycle to mount. every day the hotel owner drive his car to city center, and afternoon, all guests get his car back  to hotel, if take a taxi, each time must pay 30 Tala.

I 'm arriving Fiji Suva at 20:10pm (7 Feb 2016), then get a taxi to hotel, 

it is a long way from airport to hotel, I paid 30 Fiji dollars to driver.I stay  in Suva 2 nights.

Bled2016/02/07 18:16回覆
2樓. BinH
2016/02/02 21:04
How have you been?

Hi, Dear DG:

    After one week totally soak in South Pacific warm sun, you may be transformed to a chocalate girl. Is that a dream place blue everywhere?  look different from ocean in north Europe?

    Local public transportation is convenient and schedule as other places in industry countries? If that's a tourist paradise in winter, then tourists could be all over those islands.

    Enjoy the trip and show us your proud pictures later.

I am in Samao now

my hotel is in the top of mount

a fantastic view overlook the Apia habour

I staying 5 nights just USD $ 100,

but from airport to hotel I paid 80 Tala.

this country no free wifi and no travel agency,

I can't enjoy tour, if get the taxi go around is expensive

so I just stay in city center, That is boring journey in this island.

Bled2016/02/04 04:43回覆
1樓. BinH
2016/01/23 12:47
What a wonderful arrangement touring South Pacific!

Hi, Our UDN Number ONE dreamer and doer:

   Act on what u dream about, dream what u going to act. That's a rich life all about. Wish you bring all the sunshine of South Pacific back to Taiwan after this trip. 

   Due to engine problems, my vehicle gets me stuck in drowsy Salt Lake.... Should be get going sometime next week.

   Have a fun vacation!

I am arriving  Tao Yuan airport, waiting flight to Kuala Lumpur now, the arrival time is tomorrow morning 4am, then waiting 10am flight to Gold Coast.

 Taipei always raining and cold in winter season, that is time to a vacation, 

South Pacific islands are best choice for winter vacation.

Bled2016/01/23 22:42回覆