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Summer Vacation 2015
2015/06/12 23:03

Dear friends  


14 June 2015 I will set out on  my summer vacation, this time I have 115 days long journey, and go through more than 70 cities, 30 cities I  have been one or several times  before, only Slovikia and Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine are first time to visit.

I input all hotels room's charge by Excel made a trial balance, easily get the rooms charge sum is NT$ 140000, the cheapest room is in Sarajevo, single room with share bath room no breakfast only €10, and the most expensive room is in the  Reykjavik, the same style of room must pay €80.  the hotels I have chosen are all in the city center , room style are single room with bath room or with share bath room, half of rooms charge include breakfast, only have 6 nights I booked domitory rooms, each room average NT$ 1200, it's a good deal in hot tourism season of europe.


Every one know Russia Visa is difficult to apply, I got it have undergone  a long story too, 20 April by on line payment I pay US$ 30 got a visa support doc's  & Tourist Voucher. I brought the print document to Russia Consultant Office in Taipei to applied Russia visa , but officer said they accept orinigal document only ,  so I email  to tell them give me an original document, they told me if I booking a hotel room they will give me a original document free.


After I booked a hotel room in city center (3 nights charge are US$ 205.32 , the US$30 I have paid before will refund to me from room charge ) I got document free, but how can I get the original ducument from Russia , tell me must by international DHL. waiting after 10 days I didn't get mail, I asked again,  they told me I must connect Taiwan DHL to  get the document.

Finally I understand what's matter,  9 May I asked Taiwan DHL how can I booking an international mail, they told me first I must fill out a application form then pay NT$1924, (the freight depend on the weight of mail)11 May I finished booking process, and DHL give me a web address, I can get all the information about my mail  transport process on line, for me it's a marvelous and exciting experience I have never been .

From DHL web on line, I knew 12 May 17:00pm  the mail is on the way from Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki, then arrived Leipzig 13 May , arrived Hong Kong at 0:55am 14 May,  6:32am arrived Taiwan, I got the mail at my home 14 May 15:50pm  , for me  it's just  like playing  an  interesting  game.

After I got the mail, next day(15 May) I went  Russia Business Consultant Office again, this time my application was accepted, visa application fee is NT$2320 , and more than 10 days  I got the Russia Visa in  26 May 2015.





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11樓. mate : 國會議員大戰奇觀
2016/05/17 21:44

10樓. BinH
2015/09/26 10:35
Turn to the left? Turn to the right?

Make another guess. Are u continuing your journey to the direction of south and east to countries of Balkan Peninsula such as Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece? The journey plans to end in Turkey Istanbul?? After near bankrupt, Greece maybe wide open their arms to greet international travelers? 

This travelling plan is SO rich! Probably should write all you have seen with thousands pictures shot, when u get home in Taiwan!

after stay Sarajevo 3 days, I went to Mostar- a very nice city in Bosnia, then overland to Croatia again, from south to north, I have been all the seaside city and famous of NPs, such as Dubrovnic, split, sibenic, Zadar, and turn back to  zagreb again,  yesterday I took bus arrived Rijeka, today I will departure from there to Pula,  stay one night then continue to Porec, Rovinj, finally go through north to Ljubljana, Bled, Salzburg, and Munchen,  in Frankfurt airport to find flight go back home.

Bled2015/09/26 13:47回覆
9樓. BinH
2015/09/13 03:50

What? You don't want to go home!!

The scenes in those cities or rural areas you have visited must look very different in autumn. Then why not stay longer until the first snow in winter comes? Maybe u can buy a one way ticket to America continent,  continue your journey.... Rent a small room, write the traveling journals in unknown place.... What a courageous World citizen.

I do not have Taiwanese friends here in States. Several times during trip or daily shopping I run into Taiwanese travelling group or partner, their Taiwanese tone always reminds me of something in the past.

Anyway, take good care yourself.... Would those small nations in south EU like Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia be kind of tense or uncertain? I heard Italy is notoriously high in crime rate by media in general.

Today is a terrible and lucky day, this morning 8:16 departure from zagreb, the train timetable show arrival time is 18:17, but train arrived sarajevo is 20:20, I never arrive a city at night, it is not good for me. 

At train station I can't find ATM to withdraw bosnia 

KM, so I went to bus station, there I find a ATM, then I ask a young man how to find bus go to my hotel, he is very kind, not only lead me to bus station, but go with me take bus, until get into hotel  receiption,then say good bye to me.

when I took bus, I gave a 100 bill to driver, he can't change money, so he give me free to take bus.from begin journey to bosnia, I met all people are so kind, this country give me very impressed in mind

Bled2015/09/13 05:32回覆
8樓. BinH
2015/09/10 08:02
Three month travel this way is too short?

Are u near the end of this three month journey? Or maybe u already arrive your sweet home in Taipei, and dream about everything experienced during the last three month. 

Believe everybody must look forward your adventurous stories and pictures. U are such a brave person with clear and cool mind for such a trip. I know I could not do it. 

My schedule only have 6 pages, that mean my journey will be ending almost 20 days after, I like  this style of life, I don't want to go home.

1st Sep I departure from Slovakia to Budapest, this is my most favorite city, after 5 days I back to Bratislava then Vienna, now I'm on a train from Vienna to Zagreb, the ticket is very expensive, it costs 101.4Euro, and a long journey, I will arrive at 5: 12pm.

Bled2015/09/10 14:35回覆

This morning(10th Sep)8:22 am departure from Vienna to Zagreb, 12: 46 arrived Villach, I must change another train in Villach, the train from Villach to zagreb departure at 12:53, fortunately I get the train in time.

when train arrived Ljubljana, I met a couple of Taiwamese, I share my journey stories with them, we have a good time on the train.

Train arrived at 17:12, I withdraw some HRKs by ATM first, then walking to hotel, it's a villa style homestay room, I like it very much. 

I just had dinner at old city near the hotel, and went back hotel, local time  is 21: 35 now, I am going to bed, good night everybody.

Bled2015/09/11 03:39回覆
7樓. BinH
2015/08/28 09:05

Let me take a guess.... Your next destination country is Czech Republic, right? That's another nation with rich cultural heritage and architecture. 

Zamosc is a truly special medium city, only around 70,000 population. Its old town looks so well maintained in every detail, but local people still live in that place? Or maybe a place totally reserved for tourist? But you know what, I found a McDonald mark on the east side of the new town map! American pop culture and food culture and propaganda :((((

You are right, original my journey schedule is include Czech 10 days, but every tourist can stay 90 days in schengen area, so finally I decided cancel Czech, and replace with non Schengen countries Croatia & Bosne.

Yesterday I departure from Crakow to Katowice then changed train to Ostrava, but train in Katowice delay, so at Ostrava I can't catch train to Ruzomberok, fortunately ,I find have train go to Zilina, I decide take this train into Slovikia, in zilina have all cities connect train, so at 3:30pm l

arrived Ruzomberok. late then original schedule 1.5 hours.

Vlkolinec is a important tour village in Ruzomberok, but last bus is at 5 pm, so hotel keeper drive car bring me to Vlkolinec, I very grateful for his kindness, penzion Andrej is a very special small hotel, all room are named with colors, my room is named green, it's a big and comfortable room, in ruzomberok I have unfogetable memory

Bled2015/08/29 03:38回覆
6樓. BinH
2015/08/20 08:05

By your quick traveling pace across thousands mile in 1 1/2 month, I estimate u are probably now in central or south EU?

Is it too rush for seven day stay visa to travel huge nation like Russia? Why not for example apply longer period visa?

Today about 11am I arrived Torun, this is a very easily to go around the city on foot, not need map. from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania then Poland, daily all kinds of charges are more and more cheaper, tonight hotel single room charge just 105 PLN, hotel is in city center, and each meal at restaurant charge only 50~70 PLN.

I just have taken night view photos and went back hotel.

Bled2015/08/21 03:57回覆

Today(23Aug)morning I departureed Warsaw center station by train to Lublin , then waiting to Zamosc train 2 hours, at 3: 55 pm arrived Zamosc, I reserved a nice hotel, a big room with a living room charge 119 PLN only, and include breadfast, Zamosc cathedral tower and sunset view just in front of my room.

zamosc is a marvelous town , big town hall square and around the old town wall let zamosc outstanding in Poland, I like this town then other cities. tomorrow morning I will get back Warsaw, then next day going to Krakow.

Bled2015/08/24 04:33回覆
5樓. BinH
2015/07/31 04:28
R U in the dream state?
Your journey sounds more and more like a fairy tale story across the whole Scandinavia peninsula.

By looking at the Google map, many ferry routes simply criss-cross the whole south Baltic sea between many major cities along the shore. Those thousands large and small islands seem like strings of hidden jewels on the sea. Over that broad area many secret stories could be going on like unknown mammals, sea birds, migrating whales, insects, plants, even prehistorical relics....

Taking bus, ferry, train everywhere on a strange land without getting lost.... that is a born talent but definitely needing huge continent to explore then blossom. 

Next time, u said u are riding the bloom or sitting on the cloud to travel from place to place, everyone will believe u.... HA.

absolutely, traveling in Scandinavia peninsula, when go over land countries only have flight or ferry can choose, 20 July from Lubeck to copenhavn  the bus delay more than 2 hours, I almost gave up waiting, finally bus  coming, that was an unforgetable bus journey.

23 July from Helsingor to Helsingborg, by scandlines ferry, only 17 minutes l overland from Denmark to Sweden, 30 July from stockholm to Turku, 6 hours long ferry journey, overland from Sweden to Finland. the ferry ticket only 21 Pounds.

Tomorrow I have an overland journey again, from helsinki to tallinn by Eckero ferry just 2 hours will arrive.

Bled2015/08/01 00:24回覆

Yesterday I departure Helsinki West terminal at 15:30 by Eckero line ferry 18:00 arrived Tallinn, went around the old city  until 22:00, then by bus to bus terminal waiting 23: 59 departure bus going to St. Petersburg.

4:00 pass through Estonia and Russia border river Narva, all passengers must bring passport to costoms office check, and have officers get on the bus check every one passport few times.

After into Russia countinue our long journey again, 7:00am bus arrived Baltic Staion st. Petersburg, I must withdraw RUB first then by metro to hotel, but ATM machine show me must withdraw 5700, that is too  much for me, so I decided walking to hotel, relay on google map smart guide, I arrived hotel easily, now  I have finishrd check in, after rest a while will my city walking jouney.

Bled2015/08/02 14:40回覆
4樓. BinH
2015/07/27 02:58

Wawawa, can't believe our dream girl travels that far north to enjoy summer, but it's a smart choice to escape hot hot hot. There must be constant cool breeze blowing from the numerous fjord, strait, stream, beach, island of the inner sea.... and clear sky as blue as thousands of the alpine lakes scattering on that north high land.

I have been Alaska in summer several times. When I stepped out the airplane, the first impression always is the crisp clean air, even smell some kind of sweetness. That wakes u up right away, and want to explore the vast space. But cities in North America are....boring.

I'm in Vikingline  luxurious ferry now, this morning departure from Stockholm 7:45 am, will arrive Turku 19:50, l have a buffet lunch, a lot of gourmet are my favorite, like asparagus, caviar, salmon sashmi.....etc. I only paid 27 Euro.

I will stay Turku one night, tommorow I will by bus to Rauma, then by train to Helsinki, now ferry is aarriving Mariehamn island, some passengers are going ashore.

Bled2015/07/29 19:09回覆

I'm in Vikingline  luxurious ferry now, this morning departure from Stockholm 7:45 am, will arrive Turku 19:50, l have a buffet lunch, a lot of gourmet are my favorite, like asparagus, caviar, salmon sashmi.....etc. I only paid 27 Euro.

I will stay Turku one night, tommorow I will by bus to Rauma, then by train to Helsinki, now ferry is aarriving Mariehamn island, some passengers are going ashore.

Bled2015/07/29 19:09回覆

Yesterday from Oslo had more than 6 hours train journey I arrived Stockholm, after 3 days I will by ferry  going to Turku, Rauma, then going to Helsinki.

traveling is learning, although I don't know all European countries lanuage, 

by train, bus and ferry I traveling everywhere, and never miss  a train or bus , that is incredible, isn't it?

l like Stockholm very much, it's a fantastic city, I go around city on foot, it's better than hop on & off tour bus. and weather is comfortable, hope tomorrow have a sunny day too.

Bled2015/07/28 05:25回覆
3樓. BinH
2015/07/24 09:13
Are u still there?

Hi, is everything going all right? Anything unusual and exciting or unexpected on the trip?

Guess probably u are wandering on the major leading nation German right now. Or maybe in Poland. Must meet many travelers daily activity in the summer season.

Kind of strange to me that nobody comes to this blog and say hello to u.

I am on a train going to Goteborg now

7:53depature from Helsingborg

will arive at 10:20am

yesterday I by scandline  from Helsingor to Sweden Helsingborg

It is a fantastic journey

I like my journey very much

all cities are so interesting

Bled2015/07/24 14:21回覆
2樓. BinH
2015/06/22 12:25
Where are you now?
I travel online River Kwai Bridge where the town looks pretty green by the photos. Did u visit the famous museum and cemetary too?

Guess u already left Kanchanaburi in Tailand and, now, happily stroll on the streets of London that must be a very culturally diversified metropolitan. Is that a city friendly to the pedestrian and convenient of public transportation to international visitors?

So many surprises and unknown next three months.... Again, a reminder to DG, no matter what, have to keep contact by phone or email or line with your family in Taiwan, AT LEAST once a week. Let them know you are SAFE and everything as schedule and as plan. Try not to stay alone on the street after sunset.

Looking forward hearing from you once for a while on UDN.

so far so good, yesterday I by bus from reykjavik to Iceland north city Akureyri, it is a small town , today I will back to reykjavik and tomorrow fly to London, than by Euro Star to Bruxelles.

Last week when I arrived London, although UK is visa free, the costoms offericer asked me many questions,  I showed him my long schedule, he was so surprising, finslly he bless me have a good trip.

Bled2015/06/24 16:04回覆