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plus some military needs....
2015/08/24 14:22
Still vaguely remember the appearance mask house of the former residence. It is a three prism and a rectangular composition, south two storey building a standard. Green tile roof on both sides covered with the shape if fish scale like, in the middle is the two stacked by cement Long Wei Gao Qiao is the Pearl of the dragon. The door of the house is also very elegant, a semi ellipse shape, above the top of the door is door beams in a dignified, very solemn, without the slightest difference. The door of the house in the middle of the two golden fierce lion head first Yingru eye, take a closer look, will make people shocked, two of the lion head mouth fangs each bite a golden ring, (later learned that turned out to be a guest to the door, and something from home to lock the door when you use). House door below the waist is formed by the long hard rock Xiu masonry, door above the waist is the red brick has been laid to the roof, two medium is the window is in the middle. The house planted many fruit trees, peach trees, there are Li Shu, persimmon mask house, orange tree...... I also like a child.

The peach fruit trees surrounded by a flying eaves wooden pavilion, called "Yi Fanting", the pavilion surrounded the quiet Orchid Pavilion at the bottom, made of stone, one meter above the ground from Xu, tingqian stepped into visible, there is a stone table and three stone, stone table on the right provided with a tilt of about two plum wood case, a long chin and a censer on the case, after the case has a square pad on the floor of the stone table; the left side is a rectangular wooden table, the table on the left is white and cuboid jade, the right is a Yantai and a ceramic pen pad and a pen rack, rack of several large and small brush, the table is an armchair. When my grandfather often and wearing the uniform of the old man, middle-aged people in suits, with young in this notebook Chang gossip chat, poems on the road, I beside stood serve grandpa to obey orders. Daily Maoshi Grandpa will kiosk in the reading, I also often follow mask house, grandpa often took out a "University", "doctrine of the mean" in "the book of songs", "book of filial piety" give me reading materials, remember "carefree" Grandpa like. Remember a grandpa asked I "party state is not a lack of studying abroad and civil and military military personnel, but why is lost to eight way?" I'm a blank. Later, he said, "the people, only the people, rely on the vast majority of the people, is the interests of the majority of the people, plus some military needs......"

In front of the village almost each house door have a wide open space, or natural Tiancheng, or is artificially built, listening to neighbors use four, is to facilitate farming Sun Valley rice, the second is for countryman rest chatting, three is to facilitate the red and white banquet hospitality, four is for the deceased Dojo arrangement. Under the open space is a layer of water from the rice fields arranged in a ladder, a class, until the bottom is a circle around the river, the river on the bridge leading to the distance.
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