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美國國務院駐台代辦師樞安論台獨(1950年1月), 至今適用, 應留存為經典.
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794A.00/1-250: Telegram 
The Charge in China (Strong) to the Secretary of State 

SECRET TAIPEI, January 2, 1950-1 p. m. 
Cantel 3. As new arrival Taipei I am being given the "treatment" by Formosan Independence "Movement"(台灣獨立運動). Conversations with Peter Huang and Philip Ng and perusal of their propaganda have served 
only to establish their utter lack of realism, absence of any militant and armed popular foundation, and complete reliance on US to achieve their aims and assure their livelihood forever. (味其言觀其文,可知其昧於現實,無可戰之兵,復將自身理想及其生存全然寄望於美國的援助之上。)
It seemed desirable to attempt to straighten out their thinking in relation to China scene as to US, and to prevent misconception as to nature of any personal relations with me. 
In brief, they were told in friendly manner, as my personal opinion, that Formosans themselves, unarmed, could not get rid of Chinese now on Island(他們被委婉地告知:根據我個人的意見,福爾摩沙人在沒有自己的武裝基礎的狀況下,無法擺脫中國政權掌控); US would require several divisions of troops plus supporting naval and air forces to take and keep control over Island, a responsibility which we are not prepared to assume(美國得生出幾個師的軍隊跟海空支援資源來掌控這個島,而美國不打算負這個責任); for time being any hope for independence lay with Nationalists not with Communists, and thus measures designed weaken Nationalists merely served increase chances Communist control, so Formosans must recognize facts, not avoid them(所以福爾摩沙人必須面對現實而不是逃避現實), and they should not forget that Formosa fits into large pattern from which it cannot be separated arbitrarily(而且福爾摩沙人也不該忘記,福爾摩沙不能自以為可以獨自於世界之外運作); and although US sympathetic to Formosan aspirations, there were very few grounds for optimism now and foreseeable future. 


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