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On TVBS, "李濤下台,施茂林呢?鄭文燦呢?"
2007/04/01 23:02


2007-04-01 21:54 by fair My response to Mr. Wong's blog of CT.
I feel that this time Wong is fair in his commentary article
with regards to Mr. Lee of TVBS.
Chinese has saying: "Killing people is nothing but beheading
and let head falling to the ground."TVBS has taken its responsibility
and Mr. Lee has gone all the way to bow his head and apologize
to his negligence to the public. We are all human and make our mistakes.
Following are few things, I think in my humble opinion, going too far:
1. NCC has stepped out its line  by ordering Lee of TVBS to resign
    within 7 days.That is not stipulated by law. It should not take law
    in its own hand, if we want a government functioned by rules of law.
2. All other media must take its objective view and must not add fuel
    on the fire. You should know that neither one of the media are perfect
    can not promise itself not make the same mistakes one day. 
   That is why most of American media after CBS Dan rather Case had tried
   not to criticise  CBS because they might make the mistakes.
3. Taiwan government official are trying to use the TVBS case to
    shift people's attention and to cover up their own scandal which are more
    serious than TVBS case.
Let us calm down and take a look about CBS Dan Rather case.
Read the following news about similar case & its attitude.............

*Please know that nothing is more important to us than people's trust in our ability and our commitment to report fairly and truthfully.* That is the attitude with Dan Rather and Mr. Lee
of TVBS. 對TVBS「趕盡殺絕」?! I agree with Mr. Wong that in some extend that the public of Taiwan has gone too far.

Fall out of above:
to:Dr. T
quote your own words"reputation of an insititution is much
more important than person"
What about Taiwan, ROC? Isn't that an institution?
No one comes out to rebut that when I talked to
my American scholar and courthouse top engineer
with regard to Chen's scandal.
You've got to have a fair mind.
Ying said it well.
It is your choice of profession. You take the job and you
know the competition out there. When you made up the story
and ask some one else to shoulder for you, that is outragious.
I don't think any institution must be blaimed for individual
reporter's personal misconduct. Never heard any institution
being prosecuted except reporter. You may refuse to disclose
the source of information & it may end up you in jail.
It goes with motive.
the following is borrowed from another blog quoting:
From DA,"史鎮康 took the initiative to direct the film and
asked top permission to go ahead with this production.
Would the TVBS know the details? After the publication,Lee
knew what was going on but it was too late.
If Lee directed "史鎮康" to create the film then Lee should
have been prosecuted.
It goes with motive and initiative.
In another words, evidence evidence and evidence.
Mr. 史鎮康 show your evidence either tape recording
with top or written statement. Otherwise,
史鎮康 you are done. Judgement is not decided by hearsay.
Following is digest from UDN editorial dated 4/3/07........

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