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The most progressive subject
2015/12/03 16:29
Speaking of "white men's slavery", “western’s standards”, what language do "African Americans" speak? What language do people in facebook(including Chinese) use to communicate with foreigners? English? White men’s language? Do I want English to be “global language”? No! But I still have to use it. 我想說中文與老外溝通、吵架,奈何大部分老外不懂啊。

However, don’t some people realise that the most "progressive" subject in our planet Earth is not racial or religion anymore but “sexual liberation”? Which also derives from western world and western standards.

By western standards, we have to “deconstruct” our natural biological sex identity, and “reconstruct” it into an artificial, abnormal, twisted social identity (cut off your dick, make fake vagina...etc )to "liberate" our minds; we have to accept that male fucks male’s disgusting shithole is equal to fucks female’s sacred vagina even if it’s completely against human biology; we have to like every single sexual perversions no matter how repulsive and degenerate they are in order to show our “progressiveness”. Otherwise you're inhumane and homophobic...,right?

So just go waving some rainbow flags(represent gay by western standards) and marring some gays, then everything will be fine, western white oppression will be gone, IS terrorists will also be gone, no matter what religions you believe or races you are, No? Yeah, NO!

PS: I'm so sorry if I offended any homos or trannies or any other snowflakes, but I just want to speak up my mind. I think free speach is a much more basic freedom than distorting sexuality.
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