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Viva forever
2008/12/09 14:07

Viva forever   Spice Girls

Do u still remember, how we used to be  你是否仍記得,我們的過去
Feeling together, believe in whatever       感受在一起,相信彼此
My love has said to me                           我的愛告訴我
Both of us were dreamers                       我倆都是夢想家
Young love in the sun                             陽光下年輕的愛
Felt like my savior, my spirit I gave ya   你好似我的救星,我的靈魂已奉獻給你
We'd only just begun                              我們的愛才開始

Hasta manana , Always be mine         後會有期,我永遠的愛人

Viva forever, I'll be waiting                     生生世世,我會一直等
Everlasting, like the sun                           像太陽一樣永恆
Live forever, for the moment                   永生為此刻
Ever searching, for the one                      追尋陽光

Yes I still remember, every whispered word            我仍記得,每句呢喃的細語
The touch of your skin, giving life from within       你肌膚的觸感,打心底奉獻自己
Like a love song that I'd heard                                 像首聽過的情歌
Slipping through our fingers, like the sands of time  輕輕滑過指間,似時間的沙
Promises made, every memory saved                      彼此的承諾,段段的回憶
Has a reflection in my mind                                  歷歷在我心

But we're all alone now                            但現在我們卻各自孤獨
Was it just a dream                                  難道過去只是場夢
Feelings untold, they will never be sold   說不出的感覺,永不會改變
And the secret's safe with me                  埋藏心底的秘密

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