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Cute Moments on Board
2022/10/22 20:58
Cute Moments on Board
You are my mother! The angel is on board. 


 A two-year-old toddler woke up during the flight and found that her mom was not beside her. She was worried and needed her mom and decided to start the journey to find her mom...

A slight turbulence woke the baby up. She opened her sleepy eyes slowly.

Baby: uhm...? Where is Mommy? I need to go find MOMMY.

    Wobbling two rows ahead, realizing that she was too tired to handle the further traveling, she saw a lady. 

Baby: Is this Mommy? 

    Without thinking too much, she climbed up the seat and stretched her arms to hunt for hugs.

Lady: oh... 

    What a surprise! The lady amazed at seeing this cute little visitor. She welcomed her with warm cuddles. A night flight with dark cabin along with cozy hugs, the two-year old fell into a deep sleep immediately. She did not want to disturb the baby and decided to let her own her for a while. 

    Few minutes passed, she started to worry about the baby and wondered where the parents were. She pressed the call button eventually. 

Lady: Excuse me. (Pointing to the baby in her arms. ) This is not my child. She has been with me for a while. Would you please help her find her parents?

Crew: Oh! Thank you so much! You are really kind to calm the baby and let her stay with you. We shall find her parents right away. It is indeed wonderful to have a passenger like you on board. We do appreciate it a lot!

    With the help from crew, the two-year-old ended her journey and returned to her parents soon. Both the parents were too exhausted and fell into deep sleep without knowing their baby just had an adventure. 

Ps. It is indeed important for the crew to patrol the cabin regularly. 

Anything could happen within few minutes, including these cute moments that you do not want to miss to cheer our flight up.

Pps. Cheers to the crew members who guard the sleep of passengers and are always alert to all kinds of situations to avoid potential danger from happening.
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