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A Sweet Bedtime Talk 1
2019/11/04 01:54

A Sweet Bedtime Talk 1

by Camilla Wu

The clock showed 21:00 and Little Roger was still playing with Daddy Roger. Camilla went to bed and fell asleep at 20:30 but she was suddenly awake at 21:00.

Camilla (Checking the time): 

    Baby, You need to sleep! Stop playing. You need to get up early and go to school tomorrow!

Little Roger: 

    Ok. Mommy. (Lay down beside Camilla cooperatively.  Camilla felt quite happy about his being able to follow the instruction immediately. Camilla wrapped Little Roger in her arms.) But Mommy. You didn’t take a shower. You need to go take a shower then I can sleep with you.

Camilla (Feeling tired and extremely sleepy after the bike ride along the riverside in the afternoon, Camilla talked to Little Roger with her eyes closed.): 

    Oh. Thank you for reminding me. But Mommy is really sleepy. Can I sleep for a while? I will go take a shower later. 

Little Roger (Not feeling comfortable after the talk): 

    But, Mommy, if you don’t take a shower, then I don’t want to sleep with you.

Camilla (Letting go of Little Roger, Camilla turned herself to the other side of the bed.):

    Ok. Then I will just sleep by myself. (Hoping that she could really get some sleep.)

Little Roger (Pausing for few seconds thinking what to say, then Little Roger did his best to roll to the other side of the bed and put himself facing to Camilla):

    Mommy, I have something to tell you. (Whispering in Camilla’s ear.)

Mommy, I really like you. And I really want to sleep with you. Can you go take a shower?

Camilla (Feeling surprised that Little Roger would say something so sweet to make her follow his request, Camilla was not so sleepy anymore.): 

    Ok. I understand. Thank you for your sweet talk. If I go take a shower, you will be happy, right?

Little Roger (Nodding his head): 

    Yes, Mommy. 


    I love you. I will get up and go take a shower now.

Little Roger:
    I love you too, Mommy. 







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