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七下習作/英文作文/My Phone
2010/03/14 21:35


  As quoted from, this phone is a comfortable, well-built and easy to use phone”. Its main feature is the music player. Other than that, it also has a 3.2 megapixel camera, an accelerometer, which turns the screen over if you place the phone horizontally; also, it is the first Walkman phone to feature Wi-Fi.

  I bought this phone in June 2009, three months after its release, as my mother’s promise to buy me a new phone if I get the County Award at graduation. My old phone was also a SE, but it was an old model and had few functions. I remember the night after my violin lesson, my mother drove me to the mobile store, and we all made a fuss on which phone to choose. I made the right choice---Sony Ericsson W705.

  Right after the purchase, I fixed up my cranky old phone for my grandma to use, since she liked simple phones, and then waited patiently for my dazzling new gem. It was red and black, with aluminum prints and a stylish, slim body. It had a large screen for a keypad, and for all I knew, I totally loved it. The first thing I did after getting it was to load all of my music into the phone and I fell asleep with the earphones blaring the strong rhythm of Green Day.

  After more than half a year of sheer enjoyment, my phone crashed one morning before school without any warning. No matter how hard I tried, it just will not turn on. I was so frustrated I took everything apart: the SIM, the battery, everything. Still, it did not budge. After school I went to the mobile store, sent my precious phone to the hospital and went back home with a malfunctioning substitute, hoping for the best.

  One week later, I went to fetch it at the store, with my stomach full of butterflies, and took it home. Much to my frustration, it gave a lousy bleep and died again! I roared with anger this time and went back to the store, almost demanding for a refund. The poor storeowner filled out a form and once again, my phone was hospitalized again.

  Finally, after three weeks of tolerating the sub phone and lamenting for my jewel, my mom called me. “Hey Jamie your phone is ready.” I was so happy! We went to the store and saw the storeowner grinning from ear to ear, my phone on the counter. I tried it out instantly and found out that not only did all my games and contact information disappear; the format is also different. It has been upgraded to the recent version. I really did not know if I should be happy for the upgrade or sad for my lost games, but anyway, my phone is back!

  Now I enjoy my phone immensely. Not only does it entertain me, I also listen to ICRT with it every morning to improve my listening. I take better care of my phone now, and it is wonderful to have such a great gadget to spice up life.