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A Trip
2012/03/02 07:46


I took a trip around Taiwan during the past five days. I used to travel a lot, but I prefer to do something else recently. Nevertheless, the trip was fun. 

Taiwan is not a very large island, but the Central Mountain Range stands in the middle, so it takes time to travel to the opposite side. 

The five day trip offered me a chance to visit the east of Taiwan, and I was fascinated by its beauty. 

Hualien and Taidong are two counties on east Taiwan. They are less polluted and not crowded. 

Along road No.9, we went north from Taidong to Hualien. On the left are evergreen high mountains, and on the right is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Every one of our tour group was impressed by the fantastic scenery.

The people in the east are friendly and more unsophisticated than those in the west.Since it is not easy to find a job there, most residents are old people. The main reason for young people to stay there is their love for their hometown, and it moved me a lot. 

I will go back soon, I told myself. And I hope I'll stay there more than five days next time.

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