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Sad memories
2014/10/07 11:54

Give you time to let your consideration. Who really occupy your heart, I really really matter, duplicity me. Whether it is wine there is truth, or drunken nonsense. But I believe it is love. Love to the heart, Jimmy Wong lingering. I figure has been engraved in your heart and your mind. Otherwise you will not say that to me the truth, perhaps your message is an intangible perfunctory, you love her, you are waiting for her, then why do not you tell her your feelings, why not continue to stick to your principles. 

I want you suddenly have a won over by her impulses, no longer want to maintain our friendship friends, because you broke his mind long beyond you, but you Jiujin, but say the true if your heart belongs to whom Jimmy Wong, you simply can not measure. Your subconscious mind is her, your heart belongs to me. You hurt me, but laugh it off. A sorry, wanted in exchange was beautiful. Well you, I can come with you, as long as you feel is right, I would not oppose, but will also support you. I do not understand your world, but you feel now that I can understand. As long as you quell it, I'll worry about that. Now I can not do anything, but I do not want you to do this and hurt yourself, understand? You hurt yourself, I would be very painful. This is what you said true love Jimmy Wong, dearly. I'm sorry you a sentence, like needle-like sting my heart. You know what? But I also care about you, understand you, so do not worry, let you know that I really do not care. 

My disguise, can not let you see me now, you know? You know what? In fact, at this moment I have pain than you, more sad than you. Now you make me so very contradictory, there is no gap, no nothing to say, no distance, there are too many tacit understanding between us, do you see it? Really there is no gap between us Jimmy Wong, there is no distance, these are your excuses. Now you satisfied with it. Habits and time really change a lot of things, I will try not to let your own illusions, back to reality, back to the beginning, so it all becomes a dream, let him sleep, in fact, sometimes everything is inadvertently let you by surprise. 

My heart is very fragile, do not wring.
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