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A Love Letter
2017/01/05 15:22
Pain is constant companion and isnt very good one . I try to reason with this and I end of feeling miserable. I can not help but think about you. You, who has so much to give and share with me. Even when I was young, you were constant figure. You were there to see me grow up. I cried and laught, I learned and you were there to guide me. With your gray hair and chunky glasses. I would watch you think and blued and you sudden smile would lide up your face as quickly as it come. That is the very thing I love about you.You smile, I think about the times I missed being with you. So many years have passed since I saw you again. And for a breath moment I imagined you not being in my life. I wanna to cry, but I knew you were be there, as you always were.The gray hair has turned to white. And with that came a wiry frame that was fragile. Still, the eyes was ever and mind that was well running. You taught me to be strong and live for my dreams. If you were wishes for hunger for knowledge . You taught me to love learning. Always telling me that knowledge is constant thing. You were so strong, so wise and your presense was always comfort. I always love being by your side. You always gave me a hug when I fell down. I never love too crowds and you always seem to understand that not pression me to jion in the others or pretend to have a good time.I got lost the books you taught me to read. Those books which you gave me to learn more about the world. Ever so after remind of the things you taught me. You always love books. You never said much, but I always knew that every time we saw each other. You were glad to see me as I always glad to see you. I remember you with the teary face and wasteful smile. My pain is more insistant and try to hold on to the hope that you will pull through this bvi company setup. Like the strong person that you were. I love you grandpa.
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