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The e-mail from my friend Dr. Leister
2007/03/03 04:08

Hi Neil,
thank you for your email.
How are you my friend?
Did you have a good start in the new year?
We have mild, but very variable weather in Europe. There was no real winter this time. Temperatures almost all time > 0°C, noice, no snow.
During one of the last weekends I visited friends further north from here. They are living in an area where after the flat land close to the North Sea (荷蘭西北方海域)there are lots of hill, max. 500 m high. There is lots of wood. During the big storm we had in January this year (>40 people died in Europe) major parts of the wood was destroyed. I'm enclosing some pictures.
Many people get the flue this time. I take vitamines every day, so I only got a small attack in my throat.
My wife, Renate, is caughing since I'm back from Japan 3 weeks ago. Now she got rid of it.
At the moment there is no planning for me to visit Taiwan. Probably Clyde can manage that you join the Semicon meeting in June this year.
Have a nice weekend.
Best regards to you
Karl-Heinz Leister

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