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The development idea of "bank reengineering"
2016/08/10 10:17

(I) building the cloud gold service platform. Commercial Banks should change the traditional development modes such as laying outlets, setting up institutions and expanding scale, and speed up the construction of cloud gold service platform featuring "abundant scenes, internal and external coordination, extreme experience, efficient operation and accurate risk control". By "cloud" IT infrastructure such as servers and storage, IT resource pool covering Banks is built to realize resource elastic supply, integration and sharing. Through the establishment of distributed database, in-depth mining and intelligent analysis of information inside and outside the industry, online and offline, and cross-border ecology, the data can be transformed into competitiveness. By building enterprise business and service architecture, integrating various software functions in existing IT architecture, unifying the entrance of banking application, integrating the all-around financial life application scenario into the cloud platform.

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(ii) reform and innovation of the organizational structure. In order to accelerate the adaptation of fintech, commercial Banks should accelerate the reform of innovation structure. On the one hand, create a top-level design institution for scientific and technological innovation. Establish a multi-level innovative organizational structure, including headquarters level innovation management committee, panel innovation team, front desk r&d department, middle and back office management department and branches, as a decision-making organization for financial and technological innovation. On the other hand, reorganize the innovation research and development department. The department of innovation and r&d, which is composed of IT, Internet finance and business, is set up to develop product and service innovation strategies, break the "two skins" phenomenon of scientific and technological innovation and business development, and achieve deep integration of business, technology and data.

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Optimize customer service channels. Commercial Banks should actively build an integrated online and offline channel system of "boutique physical outlets + virtual outlets + virtual outlets + cloud Banks". By increasing the investment in human resources and improving the level of intelligence, the network with great development potential is built into a boutique network to comprehensively improve the comprehensive financial service capacity. By increasing the input of intelligent equipment and the proportion of counter staff in pressure drop, the network with insufficient development potential is created into a virtual and real network, effectively improving per capita efficiency. Through the configuration of full-function self-service equipment, replacing the manual service at the counter, the low-production and low-efficiency network is transformed into a virtual network, providing customers with all-self-help, convenient and near-field services; Through the innovation of the full-function cloud financial service platform, the service channel can be fully covered and the cloud financial service can be provided to customers without leaving their homes.

(iv) improve internal operation efficiency. Commercial Banks should accelerate the construction of cloud computing platform, big data platform and artificial intelligence platform, and promote the networking, intensive and data-oriented processing of internal operation. In terms of the contact layer, the manual process is transferred to the line through the use of biometrics, electronic seals and other technologies to realize the on-line and customized transformation of customer interaction. In terms of the delivery layer, integrate the front-end and back-end operating systems, establish the end-to-end electronic workflow, and realize the straight-through processing of business processing. As for the management and control layer, integrate external information to form a complete user portrait, complete the 360-degree perspective of a single customer, and realize the transformation of risk identification from manual control to system control.

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(v) reforming the risk control management system. The development of information technology extends the connotation of bank risk management and makes the risk more hidden. Commercial Banks should make extensive use of data platforms such as information link, network link and industrial and commercial union, and make full use of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain to build an integrated, digital and intelligent risk control and management system. Use big data analysis to comprehensively predict customers from the aspects of strategy, management and marketing, accurately identify customers with integrity, authenticity and cooperation, and strictly control risks before loans. Integrate financial and non-financial data indicators to carry out credit evaluation, multi-dimensional credit portrait for customers, and optimize the approval process in the loan process; Combined with the enterprise life cycle, the post-loan management curve is created to realize the dynamic monitoring of post-loan management and effectively reduce the risk incidence.

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