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Rain boots don't have to be ugly
2018/09/17 16:35

Chances are, youve likely been caught in rainy situations where you werent equipped with proper footwear. It is why rain boots are an essential part of your shoe closet. They may not be the kinds of shoes youll need to wear every day (or, at least, were hoping they wont need to be), but its ideal to be prepared with a solid pair for when unsavory wet weather hits.

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There are a plethora of rugged, workwear-style rain boots on the market that may be better suited for the likes of outdoor workers or those who live in, say, tropical storm-prone areas. But for the purposes of this particular shopping guide, were focusing on rain boots for the everyday woman.

For instance, the following water-resistant shoes are great if you need to get from home to the office or run an errand around town, but they may not be ideal if you need to sludge through knee-deep mud or cross shallow rivers. Consider the specific purposes your rain boots need to serve before deciding on a pair to buy.

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In general, rain boots are tricky to review and there are no "perfect" styles. Rain boots are inherently uncomfortable, given their non-breathable materials — your feet will inevitably sweat if you have them on for too long, or they will feel damp if your socks happen to get wet. Some styles include a thick insulating lining or lambswool insoles, which may require you to size up if things feel tight. There are also styles that dont include any lining, which means you will have to figure out how thick you plan to wear your socks, which will also determine the sizing of your shoe.

Some styles look more chicly versatile, others are more practical. All this is to say, you need to figure out your personal preferences and how you plan to wear your boots before you buy a pair.

If attractiveness is a top priority and you reside in a climate where you need to ward off only the occasional light showers, there are stylish booties and sneakers with waterproof uppers that may satisfy your needs, without going the full-on "rubber boot" route. Look for styles that call themselves "waterproof," such as the Blondos Liam Waterproof Suede Bootie ($129.90, at Nordstrom).

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But for those of you who are looking for something more functional and substantial made with sturdier materials, there is sure to be a pair that speaks to you in this guide ahead.

Updated on 04/19/2018 by Malarie Gokey: Updated prices for all our rain boot picks and added our picks for the best umbrellas you can buy.