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The below mail is my reply?
2015/10/19 16:00
I am very disappointed we received the samples with 120LED/m I ordered specifically 240LED/m… This is unacceptable and not professional.

Could you please give me the reason why you did this and please send me the samples I require ASAP on your courier account.

I am sorry to hear that the sample effect is not as what you want old hong kong tour.?

But you look back for the PI I sent to you, it mentioned 120leds for the aluminum profile sample

I did receive the phone call from the Marc, I had told to Marc that there is not time to change to 240leds because the national holiday started just one day after I received the phone call from Marc and Marc accepted that. ?And you're so rush for the sample, so I have pushed our prodcution department to rush and send the samples in time Dream beauty pro hard sell.

If the lighting effect for the 120leds is not as good as what you expected , you could ask me to re-arrange the sample base on 240leds, but, it still need to count to your courier account.

Some customers are difficult and you have given them a concise accurate and clear response explaining the whole misunderstanding. This is where you gain good experience in negotiating with customers. People think that this business is easy but they don't know how difficult customers can be fully furnished. Well, you have choice but to do your best to satisfy their requirements. Hope everything goes fine.