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It is 2013
2013/02/02 11:33

Time passes, now it's 2013, I can't believe I am now a senior in the high school. After two years in Pu Tai, I found myself more intelligent and...... When I just entered senior high school, I was still a very childish boy, who doesn't know many things about this world, but now, I changed into a man, and my reputation at school is good, not like my years in junior high, the bad known Rambo CHIAO, and now at Pu Tai, I am known as a good student and also a school brother that most eighth grade student loved. 

And now, I'm going to graduate from Pu Tai high school, I hope I can enroll into to a wonderful college, or maybe apply a university in the States. It is 2013 a whole new year, let's all pray that good fortune will come to us and we will live happily in this year. 

God Bless Taiwan, and Bless You All!

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