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近紅外線照相術聖經:Photography by Infrared: Its Principles and Applications
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Photography by Infrared: Its Principles and Applications

By Walter Clark 500 pages

Contributors:Walter Clark

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons

Place of publication:New York

Publication year:1946


Subjects:Infrared Photography

Table of contents


Chapter I the Subject 主題   1

General introduction; the spectrum; discovery of infrared; relation to other radiations; bibliography.

Chapter II the General Practice of Infrared Photography 近紅外線攝影實務       11

Infrared plates and films; cameras; lenses and focusing; filters; sources of infrared; exposure; darkroom practice; bibliography.

Chapter III Photographic Darkroom Practice 暗房實務      29

The photographic darkroom (construction and equipment) ; photographic solutions, mixing and use; spots and marks; bibliography.

Chapter IV Characteristics of Photographic Materials 照相材料特性     44

General; the developed photographic image; density; relation of density to exposure; contrast, gradient, gamma; exposure latitude; speed, sensitivity; extent, of development; fog; color sensitivity -the effect of wavelength; filter factors; reciprocity law failure; intermittency effect; graininess and resolving power; positive materials; bibliography.

Chapter V Photographic Sensitizing for the Infrared 近紅外線感光材料       72

History of sensitizing dyes; constitution of the sensitizing dyes; spectral sensitivity characteristics of infrared films and plates; practical color sensitizing; hyper sensitizing: limit of infrared sensitizing; photothermographic and thermographic reactions; bibliography.

Chapter VI the Herschel Effect and Indirect Methods of Infrared Photography 近紅外線間接攝影法   104

Infrared photography by destruction of the latent image-the Herschel effect; infrared recording by volatilization ; infrared photography by the phosphorophotographic method; use of the electron-image tube; bibliography.

Chapter VII Sources of Infrared Radiation (近紅外線光源) 131

Sources of radiation; sources with continuous spectra; the black body and color temperature; the sun; artificial incandescent sources; the tungsten-filament lamps; flash lamps: radiant heaters; the Nernst glower; the Welsbach mantle; carbon arcs; other arcs; other sources; sources with discontinuous spectra; mercury arcs; sodium-vapor lamps; Neon lamps; other gaseous-conduction lamps; the spark; practical selection of sources for infrared photography; note on characteristics of lamps of English manufacture; bibliography.

Bibliography 174

Chapter VIII Examination and Differentiation of Materials by Infrared (運用近紅外線進行檢驗及鑑別)   178

Textile industry; graphic arts industry; examination of paintings; documentary photography; criminology ; increasing contrast photographically; bibliography.

Bibliography 214

Chapter IX Medical Infrared Photography (近紅外線照相術在醫學的用途) 218

Transmission and reflection of infrared by skin and tissue; sources of infrared; study of the superficial venous system by infrared; infrared photography of gross specimens; infrared photography of the eye; dermatology; transillumination; simultaneous infrared and X-ray photography; infrared photography and the blood; bibliography.

Bibliography 247

Chapter X Infrared Photography Applied to Botany and Palaeontology (近紅外線照相術應用於植物學及古生物學)     253

Reflection and absorption characteristics of leaves and plant Pigments; plant pathology; transparency of wood to infrared; paleontology; bibliography.

Bibliography 270

Chapter XI Infrared Photomicrography (近紅外線顯微照相)      275

Practical infrared photomicrography; focusing; applications of infrared photomicrography; biological applications; infrared photomicrography of textile fabrics; bibliography.

Bibliography 293

Chapter XII Special Applications of Infrared Photography (近紅外線照相的特殊用途)   296

General landscape photography; photographic survey from The air and ground; ground photography; aerial photography; aerial forest survey; aerial geological survey; fog Penetration; special-effects photography; composite photography; dazzle-free photography; photographs in total darkness; infrared flash photography; photography of hot objects; photographic thermometry; applications in technology; spectrographic and astronomical photography; infrared photography of the Northern Lights; ethnological studies; Psychical research; photography of diamonds; examination of pearls; shadow photography and longitudinal scattering; Measurement of infrared by photography; color photography; bibliography.

Bibliography 347

Chapter XIII Camouflage Detection by Infrared Photography (使用近紅外線照相術偵測欺敵偽裝)   355

Infrared reflectance of paints and foliage Photographic selection of infrared paint standards; gasoline-storage tanks; bibliography.

Bibliography 367

Chapter XIV Penetration of Radiation Through the Atmosphere (近紅外線幅射在大氣層的穿透率)   370

Dust, smoke, haze, mist, fog, and cloud; scattering of light by suspended particles.

Bibliography 384

Chapter XV Penetration of Radiation Through Fog and Haze (穿透霧、霾觀測實務) 385

Artificial fogs, natural fogs; correlation of theoretical and Experimental observations; study of penetration using direct Photography; conclusions concerning the practice of photography through haze and fog; bibliography.

Bibliography 403

Chapter XVI Optical Characteristics of Materials in the Infrared (光學材料的近紅外線光學特性)      410

Quartz and glass; lenses; niters; the Christiansen and Powder filters; polarizing screens; safelights for the infrared; transmission of various common materials in the Infrared; reflecting powers of materials in the infrared; Bibliography.

Bibliography 440

Appendix I Infrared Materials Available Commercially (附錄1-商用近紅外線材料)     445

Appendix Ii Weights and Measures--Conversion Tables (附錄 2 重量及其他計量換算表)      446

Appendix III Kodak Formulas for Photographic Processing Solutions Negative Developers (附錄 3. 柯達公司顯影劑配方)      448

Name Index (名詞索引)    453

Index (主題索引)   463

關於作者 (1946)

Walter A. Clark is a professor of musicology and chair of the music department at the University of California, Riverside. He received his doctorate in musicology from the University of California, Los Angeles and holds performance degrees in classical guitar from the North Carolina School of the Arts (B.M.) and the University of California, San Diego (M.A.). He teaches a wide variety of courses, including opera history, Latin American art music, folk and popular music of Latin America, twentieth-century music, and world music.