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more recent years
2014/02/12 12:02
Twelfth lunar month, especially in the Laba Festival, from then on, opened a "have the Spring Festival" overture. Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits let people understand life's hardships and harvest, with eight party food together, and the meters a pot of boiling, adumbrative together everything, harmonic thousands of spirit. Eat Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits celebrate the harvest, has been circulated so far.

In the twelfth lunar month twenty, the street set Jaleo, lively and extraordinary, be always on the move to have the Spring Festival people buy things, make friends with congenial persons, with a companion. Two lines of a street shop is full of special purchases for the Spring Festival spring festival goods, a superb collection of beautiful things to put on the new clothes street. Men buy alcohol and tobacco, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival gifts, busy feet of wind; women choose clothes footgear, hurried awfully; children to buy toys, buy fireworks, dance with joy. Especially in rural children pulled adult clothes caught in the streams of people busily coming and going in the crowd, face red with cold but still happy, at this time to buy new clothes desire. The street noises, screams, shouts for a supply of sth., sound, and the loudspeaker noise mixed together, a voice of the sea; the Chinese red are all filled with years of breath, indicates that the lives of ordinary people is booming.

With the arrival of the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, years of footsteps getting closer. The farmyard smoke more float higher, more and more concentrated flavor. Can't wait children with firecrackers, urging people to finish his task, take out their new clothes, put their gift money ready, their red faces filled with happiness, was filled with the sweet.

Twelfth lunar month twenty-three year, sent the stove ye fast god. Legend has it that in the kitchen kitchen human fireworks, twelfth lunar month every year twenty-three God to the Jade Emperor return life world. In this one night, the women of the family in the kitchen stove hearth cleaning, wash clean, in the stove lighted "Qinglong River" lamp, night immortal. Put the sugar, fruit, seeds and other food dish out for Vesta, farewell. The spread in the world customs, to celebrate the have the Spring Festival cheerful busy picture, vividly demonstrated in front of people.

The twelfth lunar month twenty-three, smoke curl upwards, the whole country was thick fragrance infection have fragrant.

The pace of the Spring Festival has been outside the ring, as long as you opened the door, and he will give you a face be bursting with happiness. Hard to earn a year of money, this time truly have been released.

The twelfth lunar month calendar page torn off, on New Year's Day is coming. As one falls of firecrackers, let the snow country more peaceful, red couplets on the snow against the background of the booming particularly eye-catching!

Twelfth lunar month bottom, village began was crackling sound of firecrackers, two banger, flash Lei, earth red, fireworks, kids race each other on called jumping and laughing, the sound of laughter merged into one, exploding depression village, colorful the silence of the night sky, the air was filled with the smoke flavor. As the smoke smell more and more concentrated, more recent years.
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