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2008/03/03 06:27

     Earlier we discussed how religions can be classified into two categories: the knowledge of some transcendental world or the belief of some transcendental existence. Christianity belongs to the latter. The discipline of Christianity includes the knowledge of God as well as how to have a relationship with him.
     Christians believe that there is only one God. Just as the sun is the center of our solar system, or a group of soldiers has a commander-in-chief who gives orders, there should be only one God. Some other religions ask people to worship many Gods, who manage different affairs of the world. Christians consider that those beliefs are merely from human imagination.
     According to the Bible, all things in the universe, including human beings, are created by God. Everything is here because of his will. Natural laws governing the universe are set by him. We exist because he gave us life. We are God’s work, and a very special kind of work.
     Christians believe if there is a God, he should be the ruler and have the power to do everything. In the Bible, God said so. God claimed that he is an almighty God. He is omniscient and omnipotent. He has the absolute sovereignty over the universe.
     Christians also believe God is holy. Normally, a young man must behave politely in front of an old man. On the occasion that the president is delivering a speech, everyone should be silent and show respect. Similarly, Christians think they should have an awed heart toward God because God is paramount.
     We all have some value system of right or wrong in our lives. We judge people and their behavior according to our standards. If there is a God, he should be perfectly right; otherwise, we would not need to show respect to him. God gave many principles that people should follow, and he claimed that he is absolutely righteous and just. God loves good deeds and hates bad deeds.
     God cares so much about the right and wrong of the behavior of people. For any person, the Bible says the death is not the end, for God will judge each one according to what he or she has done during his or her lifetime. He will reward goodness and punish evilness. He must do so because he is God. He must carry out the principles he set up. There will be a judgment awaiting all of us.
     The main theme of Christianity is: According to the standard of God, all people are very bad and deserve severe punishments, so God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to the world as a person.


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