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Comparison: Which leaf vacuum mulcher and leaf blowers to choose?
2022/06/06 16:18

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling. Do you want to clean your garden? Or maybe you are a company that provides this kind of service? In either case, a leaf blower and a leaf vacuum mulcher will come in handy.

Elem ASB3000V: leaf vacuum blower and electric sprayer with the most competitive price

In addition to a low price, this leaf mulcher vacuum has serious arguments to make: 3000 V power, variable speed and a telescopic lens. Therefore, it manages up to 13.2 m3/min. It also comes with amenity accessories such as wheels to prevent premature fatigue and a 35-liter bag to allow handling a large area of the garden without emptying. Therefore, in terms of quality/price ratio, ABS3000V is really a good alternative for small budgets.

VonHaus 3-in-1: compact and lightweight electric and leaf blower

The VonHaus 3-in-1 is a blower vacuum mulcher that stands out for its maneuverability. It has an ergonomic handle at the top and two wheels to allow it to be handled easily and for long periods of time. Its shifting speed up to 14,000 rpm, 15:1 shredding factor, and the large 45-liter bag makes it suitable for cleaning large outdoor spaces.

Black & Decker GWC3600L20: battery-powered leaf vacuum mulcher

Gasoline garden vacuums seem to be gradually losing ground to electric ones. But we have to wait until the batteries have enough capacitance to make them comfortably wireless. This Black & Decker product is one of the most complete, with low weight, good blowing, and suction speed, but it has a weak (7:1) shredder that will often have to open the lid. While there can be large areas with an average autonomy of 45 minutes and shredded leaves, its 17.5-liter bag limits movement

Greenworks 24227UC: premium electric vacuum mulcher

Greenworks suggests a high-end device with its 24227UC. The unit is an exceptionally powerful 2-in-1: it has an airflow rate of 578 m3/h and a blower speed of 280 km/h. This source is even available in wireless mode. Better yet: this battery-powered vacuum cleaner is surprisingly quiet (104dB). Supplied with a 45-liter collection bag, the 24227UC can be switched from vacuum to blower mode without the need for tools. Powerful, its 40 V battery is designed to last between charges (approximately 20 minutes).

Black & Decker GW3030: vacuum blower and volume booster

The Black & Decker GW3030 is a dust collector and mulch vacuum with a capacity of 3000 W. Suction capacity of 14 m3/min, a hash rate of 1/1, a bag of 50 liters and a variable fan speed of 230 at 418 km/ h: characteristics that allow this model to clean large outdoor spaces. The GW3030 includes only a handful of accessories, but theyre still essential: a hub and strap are included with this ASB. Furthermore, it will be specified that the GW3030 has one.

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Black & Decker GW3050: complete leaf mulcher

To go further on the accessories of leaf vacuum mulchers, we can turn to Black & Deckers GW3050. This time, 4 accessories are provided with this device. As a result, the GW3050 holds a large 50-liter bag and concentrate faucet. But it also gets a swipe to manage the leaves and a wider nozzle for blowing. Powerful and reliable, it uses a metal turbine. For the rest, it uses the great strength of Black & Decker products: the 3000 W power helps you to manage 14 m3 per minute.

McCulloch GBV345: cordless leaf vacuum mulcher blower

Bosch will suit small surfaces, but if your garden exceeds a certain size or if you have to come and clean your gutter, a cordless model is essential. Heat, and thus with a fuel tank and a 25 cc engine, this McCulloch model weighs in at a hefty 4.4 kg, but its strap will support great efforts. Its autonomy is one hour. At 345 km/h it will push all the waste out without squeezing, however, the suction power of 12.2 m³/min will be limited to plant leaves, and usually dry leaves.


Leaf vacuum mulchers and leaf blowers come in different powers, ergonomics, and accessories. Therefore, they can address individuals as well as professionals. Youll notice that some of these devices dont always accomplish these three tasks. So its up to you to choose the right template for your needs.

What type of leaf blower vacuum mulcher to choose?

A small corded electric model will be suitable for occasional use or small sites. In the case of large surfaces to be treated, it is imperative to use a thermal cordless or a higher wattage model.

What is a leaf vacuum mulcher?

In fact, we should talk about 3-in-1 blowers, since the original function of these machines was to blow leaves. Some have an extra suction function and have a larger dedicated tube to store waste in a cloth bag, while the 3-in-1 has a cutter to not only reduce the volume in the bag but also make it easy to pick up and make fertilizer.

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Gas-powered or battery-powered leaf vacuum mulcher?

A gas-powered leaf vacuum mulcher model will typically be more powerful and have a near-hour range, but it will certainly be noisier than a battery-powered electric one. The latter offers a non-polluting alternative, but they will still be guilty of lower power at the same price.

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