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中國投資開發 利馬錢凱(Chancay)港. 連通亞洲及南美洲 Chancay port development project by CHINA
2024/02/01 15:24


Perus Chancay port project will bring controversies

The first part of the Chancay port project is due to be opened in November with President Xi Jinping in attendance.Bangkok Post - China widens South America trade highwayChina widens trade highway in South America with new mega port project -  The HinduWith Peru port project, China gains a foothold in Americas backyard

  • Port of Chancay will be the “Gateway from South America to Asia”—officials.

中國投資開發 利馬錢凱(Chancay)港.   Chancay  port development project by CHINA.錢凱港首期工程預計於2024年11月竣工。


.THE Chancay Port Terminal in Peru’s Lima Region will be a multipurpose port that will handle containerized cargo, general cargo, non-mineral bulk cargo, liquid cargo, and rolling cargo.

It is made up of 3 major components: a port operational zone, an entrance complex, and an underground viaduct tunnel..

Construction of the megaproject continues to advance as dozens of cranes lift blocks weighing several tons and drop them to compact the soil of a roughly one-square-mile area on Peru’s Pacific Coast.

According to Mario de Las Casas, Institutional Affairs Manager of Cosco Shipping—a Chinese state-owned company that is the majority owner of the project, the Chancay Port Terminal will be “The gateway from South America to Asia.”

Similarly, Isaac Kardon, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says, “This long-term project reflects a concerted Chinese strategy to extend its maritime trade and logistics footprint to all of the key maritime points on the globe.”

The $1.3 billion megaproject under development will use high technology to receive ships from all over the world and reduce travel time to 10 days.

The geographical position and current and future connectivity of the Port of Chancay will contribute to the relief of other port management centers by providing greater efficiency and better competitive conditions for users, boosting the country’s economy, and exports, and generating new opportunities for business.

Its first stage is to be completed by the end of 2024.

The containers will arrive at and leave the port through a 1.8-kilometer tunnel, the construction of which was halted in May following the collapse of part of the surface.With Peru port project, China gains a foothold in Americas backyard




The Project

The Chancay Port Terminal will be a multipurpose port that will handle containerized cargo, general cargo, non-mineral bulk cargo, liquid cargo and rolling cargo. It is made up of three major components:

Port Operational Zone

It is the one where the port activities themselves are carried out. It includes the docks, breakwaters, maritime entry channels, storage areas for bulk and rolling cargo containers, maintenance areas and workshops. The Port Operational Zone is in the northwestern part of the project area and comprises the Punta Chancay massif, the surrounding maritime area, the bay that extends to the east, and the maritime zone that extends south of Punta Chancay..


Entrance Complex

Includes the vehicular foreport, entrance gates to the terminal, customs inspection area, administrative offices, and logistics and support services areas. It is located to the east of the Operational Zone, at approximately 2 km..

3Underground Viaduct Tunnel

Connects the Entrance Complex with the Port Operational Zone, has a length of 1.8 km and constitutes a segregated and exclusive road corridor for cargo traffic related to the port operation. It has 3 vehicular lanes, two conveyor belts for solid bulks and multiproduct pipes for liquid bulks...

Project components

The project will be carried out in stages. The first stage will be developed in an area of 141 hectares and includes the construction of an access road interchange from the Pan-American highway to the vehicular foreport, the connection tunnel with the Port Operational Zone and the Entrance Complex. Likewise, in the Operational Zone the maritime approach and maneuvering channels for ships, the shelter breakwater south of Punta Chancay and the first 4 berths will be built in accordance with the following:..
Berths 1 and 2 are part of the Bulk, General Cargo and Rolling Terminal. Berth 1 is a multipurpose dock that will be destined to primarily meet the demand for solid and liquid bulk and rolling cargo. Berth 2 is a dock designed to primarily meet the demand for general cargo and non-containerized loose cargo ships. This berth will also serve Ro / Ro type ships for rolling cargo. Both berths will have the loading and unloading equipment, as well as the respective general and rolling cargo storage platforms..

.Berths 3 and 4 are part of the Container Terminal, they will be specialized docks to serve container ships, they will have modern high-tech equipment for loading, unloading and transfer of containers, storage yards, administrative areas, service areas and the workshops that are required for the efficient operation of the terminal.

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