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Do contractors overcharge?
2022/10/03 22:34

Do contractors overcharge?

Although a 10-20% project cost overrun is normal with even 'good' contractors, a 50-100% cost overrun is not normal and could be indicative of a dishonest or bad contractor. Some cost overruns are normal because contractors must make some assumptions upfront about things they cannot see.

What can a 3 axis CNC machine do?

3-axis machines are typically used for machining of 2D and 2.5D geometry. Machining of all 6 sides of a part is possible in 3 axis machining but a new fixturing set-up is required for each side, which could be expensive (more on that below). For a single fixture setup, only one side of the part can be machined.

Is China capitalist or socialist?

The CCP maintains that despite the co-existence of private capitalists and entrepreneurs with public and collective enterprise, China is not a capitalist country because the party retains control over the direction of the country, maintaining its course of socialist development.

What TVs are not made in China?

Today, there are only a handful of TV brands left outside of China: Samsung and LG (South Korea), Sony (Japan), Philips (EU) and Vizio (US). A company in China had attempted to acquire Vizio in 2016, but that deal never happened so as of now they're still a US company (they recently had their long-awaited IPO).

What Social Media Can China use?

China is the world's biggest social media market, but with access to websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blocked in the country, most people can only use domestic social media sites such as Weibo, Renren and YouKu.

Which motor is used in CNC?

The two motors most often used in CNC machine tools are stepper motors and servo motors. Both work to convert a non-linear input from the control into linear movement at the spindle shaft and table by turning a screw-like shaft to move the load.

Is CNC in high demand?

The Demand for CNC Machinists is HighThe CNC machining industry is booming right now. According to recent research, the global CNC machine market is expected to grow 44 percent, or about $35 billion, between 2019 and 2026.

What are 5-axis machines?

A 5-axis machine allows tools to move simultaneously around 5-axes of an object. 5-Axis machines utilize the typical X, Y, and Z-axes in conjunction with the A and B-axes so that your tools can get to five sides of a part, no extra turning or setup required.

Who are Proto Labs competitors?

Proto Labs competitors include Xometry, 3D Systems, McMaster-Carr and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

What if the US stopped buying from China?

Cutting China off from the U.S. would cost America hundreds of billions of dollars, report says. Expanding U.S. tariffs of 25% to all trade with China could cost the U.S. $190 billion a year in GDP, according to a report released Wednesday by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Rhodium Group.

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