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I love nude hiking especially in Taiwan's remote mountains
2014/03/20 01:19

I did alot hiking when I was living in Europe or in the Philippines , also nude hikings , but in Taiwan we only started to do it recent years , anyhow , we found infect Taiwan is a better place for nude hiking because the air is not dry , the woodes are so lush , it is pretty and alot places you found nice waters , wish people enjoy such fun don't practise here before , people like us are not shy about our bodies and we enjoy the nature contact to our skin so much , if you are open minded , then you shall try it too  , indeed wish the life style I had in Europe could be accepted here in the land of my birth , and willing to share to friends here who knows enjoy the nature .


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2樓. philippe
2015/03/06 10:06
are there some groups in taiwan? or just by yourself?(
1樓. 小肉球
2014/03/20 17:54
Nude hiking?

Are you kidding me?

These people aren't nude!

They still have their socks and shoes on, and I spot one wearing a hat!