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甜菜頭沙拉之二 (Beets Salad II)
2010/02/12 02:17

這道沙拉吃起來的味道很特別, 尤其是核桃和乾梅子一起的味道, 真是別有一番滋味.


1. 煮熟去皮的甜菜頭(大約2大棵或3小棵)   

2. 乾梅子(適量) - 和一般酸梅乾不同喔...

3. 碎核桃乾(適量)

4. 美奶滋(適量; 無也可)


1. 把已經煮熟並去皮的甜菜頭刨絲後放進大碗裡(要夠大, 能放所有材料才行).  不需要刨的太細, 一般刨絲刀最大的那種即可. 

2. 把乾梅子去核並切小塊. 大約四分之一大小, 如果梅子本身很大, 可以切六分之一.  混入碗中.

3. 把核桃乾切碎, 如果買來的時候已經是很碎的, 就不用切了.  混入碗中.

4. 加入適量美奶滋到碗中, 並混和所有材料. 如果喜歡濃一點, 就加多點美奶滋.  喜歡淡一點的話, 就加少一些.  不加也可以.

1. cooked beets (2 big or 3 small heads)

2. Dried prunes (or cranberry)

3. Walnut

4. Mayo

1. Boil the raw beets (just wash them, but keep the skin on) in salted water until you can polk through it using a fork or a stick. Once it's done, take them out from the water and let them cool (you can also use cold water to cool it.) After it’s cooled, you can easily peel the skin off the beet. Shred all the beets and set it aside in a mixing bowl.

2. cut the prune into quarter size or 1/6 (if it's really big). Mix them into the shredded beets. You should be able to see the prune. The quantity should be one-two pieces of prune in every spoonful. Sometimes I would use cranberry if I don't have prune.  If using cranberry, the size is perfect, not cutting required.

3. Chop the walnut, but make sure they are still somehow chunky.  Add the chopped walnut into the beets and prune.  You need to be able to see the walnut in the mix as well. 

4. Mix them well.  When the mix looks good, you can add some salt and oil to taste.  I prefer light olive oil, so it does not over power the beets.   If you are planning to add mayo, oil may not be needed.

5. You can add some mayo and mix them again.  It would have creamy pink color.  But Mayo is not required.