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how to stop facebook send emails which i didnt have account? ie FaceBook closed my account twice. pls. be responsible for what you done to me.
2024/05/10 11:48
how to stop facebook send emails which i didnt have account? ie FaceBook closed my account twice. pls. be responsible for what you done to me.

very sick of receiving junk emails from unknown senders or never register, never visit websites and the FB who closed my account twice without reason and didnt let me make copy before shut down ie FaceBook.

I searched as: "how to stop facebook send emails which i didnt have account"
Adjust your email notifications from Facebook
If you dont have a Facebook account, you can opt out of receiving emails from Facebook by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.
--we see whether it works. i got 2 same fraud emails from FB.

Email notifications are Facebook updates that you receive via email.
To adjust your email notifications from Facebook:
Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.
-- Facebook closed my account twice, shouldnt also close my personal informations in their system already ? i have no desire to use FaceBook at all, pls, be responsible what you done.
Select Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
Click Notifications on the left.
Scroll down and select Email.
From here, you can adjust how often you receive email notifications and what you get email notifications about.

If you have more than one email linked to your account, well send notifications to the email you choose as your primary email in your General Account Settings. If your primary email stops receiving emails, well send notifications to your secondary email address. If you dont have a secondary email or have turned off notifications entirely, youll stop receiving email notifications.
Note: If the notification is from an app outside of Facebook, you can always block the app.

ps 5/9/2024 ""
i wrote "feedback" comment as : very sick of receiving junk emails from unknown senders or never register, never visit websites and the FB who closed my account twice without reason and didnt let me make copy before shut down ie FaceBook.
shouldnt also close/remove all my personal informations in your system already ? i have no desire to use FaceBook at all, pls, be responsible for what you done. DO not send any emails to me.

ps in usa if you dont want your personal informations post in dark web, then whenever you receive junk emails you better take actions right away. in the past i didnt especially Google searched they would tell you just delete, then SPAM them then block senders, the last time it showed daily average received 20-30 junk emails are normal. this year was notified by bank SEC related that my personal information exposed in dark web in 2022 which never receive any data breach alert emails. Note 6/7/2024 Att-Yahoo in 2024? add functions: 3 block sender domain, 1000 block sender email address and 500 filters

i got more and more fraud emails till last 1-2 weeks finally to learn filter successfully(not so sure, i bet the fraud team must try very hard do something else to me) stop the maniac so daily down to below 0-10 junk emails.

you can too. Do not let those bastards control your email account,notebook and your cell phones. Be alert.
5/19/2024 yesterday received our previous bank which shut down local branch many years ago sent email to us. worry some one used our personal info. open accounts such as loan, credit card, wash money... so i took actions but failed. in the end sent email to as:
we were your client before, but need your help to remove our email address and any personal informations from your system or telemarket as our informations are exposed in dark web since 2022.
i did call 800-370-8580 the man cant help as the email you sent to us didnt have "unsubscribe" option. fortunately i called 8008722657 the lady told me to send opt out request email to you. the following is the email you sent to us for your reference. (omit)
--most usa companies declared if receive their emails just click "unsubscribe" but its a liar, even they have but if you are not current client (you have no account number or cant login) cant submit "opt out" . Any money related YOU must take actions asap.
the bank lady is the few responsible employees, most are not. in the beginning she wanted me just block sender address but i told her the space is limited to 1000 and full that many fraud emails no way to opt out or call so she gave me their email address. does it work? i have no confidence at all.

5/20/2024 in usa 27 years, quite earlier i already realize usa companies forbid clients posted products problems. During Bush wars the only website i posted once as "if usa soldiers not in invaded countries they wont be killed" immediately the website was shut down so since then i only can post in worldjournal and udn but frequently blockaded especially whenever usa and taiwan president elections. my account was shut dwon several times. in the end i have no desire visit world jounal totally and began visit china websites completely except att forum but this year due to my personal informations exposed in dark web so i eagerly looking for solutions and get useful informations from att forum but im so naive not realize the att data breach related is very high sensitive topic then att forum shut down my account, the 3rd my posted in usa websites.
recently i tried opt out att-forum website which completely cant find in xxx and Google(tried not use unless xxx cant offer any i need informations) search.

ps we did try zenix(unix) free open OS to replace MS, spouse even was invited to attend their Chicago meeting(he did attend several times). but we were very disappointed after we installed zenix frequently they auto updated with lousy ones in stead keeping previous good one, is it so difficult for whoever maintain or behind to tell which is better app. ? so in the end we gave up totally.

5/22/2024 a new fraud email skill? today received 4 emails sent from, one of showing as: Smart Timeshare Owner Wed, May 22 at 8:03 AM
For your security we disabled all images and links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam. ps i always mark fraud emails "spam" for safety then open the email hoping can unsubscribe/optout but many companies didnt allow victims unsubscribe/optout, even their lousy phone service wont pick up.

--which is very weird why i received and have no relation to ? in the past frequently received Timeshare houses related adv. that definitely are fraud emails now pretended as which i searched is medicare insurance patients medical chart related.
i did try opt out/unsubscribe but there is no way, i tried call the company 855-2223648 which is uselessas that no one pick up service.
i searched shows: images, video, maps, translate(english to japanese), weather, mail. so the bastard japan company stole my email address? will quite lowIQ usa cant catch and stop it? didnt also data breach and still not knowing? shows:Select your Primary Healthcare Services Provider from the list of participating service locations. ps our medicare Health insurance not in the listing. on the bottom shows:© Powered by Parkview Community Connect.
so i searched "Parkview Community Connect" got and called 88777748623 talked to 3 (the 1st lady declared didnt find our records in Parkview health hospital so transfered to mychart-related) who transfered to another and the 3rd man transfered to medical records, in the end i left voice message.
when the man inquired account number i answeared i have no idea whether we have mychart account as not knowing our medicare insurance, clinic, hospital and doctors complex relationship. after i told him our email address exposed in dark web and afraid some one( and others) stole our personal information and email address did bad things then he seemed saying found my account and transfered to medical records dept. which didnt as the other 3 that i have to select unknown dept.
the worst is medical related service. i suspect clinic, hospital, mychart-company got data breach without email alert to me or att-yahoo blockaded.

is it coincidence that 2022 Jan got medicare, then detected 2022-12-16 06:12:05 our-email-address 7 不同的密码 exposed in dark web? every company related to us such as doctors, clinic, lab, hospitals, att, banks, utility companies...all are suspect to us. from my view cant be China, Russia but usa indoors bastards stole from freaky complex and incapable usa systems which lots leaks plus cant maintain well.

ps searched "hanaebeny" got Pinterest
Hanae Beny (hanaebeny) - Profile | Pinterest and from
Lets Learn Slang
Origin of the Name Hanae (Complete History) -
The name Hanae holds several meanings across different cultures. In Japanese, Hanae means “flower picture,” symbolizing beauty, grace, and delicacy. This reflects the significance of nature and the aesthetic appreciation deeply rooted in Japanese culture. When we delve deeper into the meaning of Hanae, we discover that it represents …
--it caused my eyes because"" as i said not Russia nor China but Japan, British did to usa. i can find it, how about usa IDtheft, FTC related SEC dept ?

ps just searched "mychart data breach" and got "Ascension Health Data Breach Lawsuit Filed After May 2024 Cyberattack Affecting MyChart Portal" by Corrado Rizzi
Lawsuit Investigation: Possible Data Breach? Attorneys working with are looking into the May 2024 security incident at Ascension in light of concerns it may have resulted in a data breach. If private data was exposed, its possible that a class action lawsuit could be filed. ps again never receive any data breach alert. its not late registe in it is our medicare provider plan in-network related as spouse primary doctor, my clinic(no assigned primary doctor type in our area), and same hospiatal, lab.

On May 9, Ascension, which operates 140 hospitals and dozens of senior care facilities across 19 states, announced that it was in the midst of a cyber security event. Specifically, the healthcare system said it “detected unusual activity on select technology network systems” on May 8, with news reports suggesting some disruption to patient care. An investigation into the cyber security event is still ongoing, and a third-party expert has been hired by Ascension to assist. It is unclear whether the incident resulted in a data breach; however, the company said it will send out individual notices if “any sensitive information was affected.”

--what count as "sensitive information was affected", i received ransome that goint to post our lab related images and tons fraud emails related medicine, hair loss.... every day marked those bastards sent emails as "spam, block sender address, searched/called for optout/unsubscribe mychart....and living in the hell. how did Ascension knowing what we suffering? they have no rights not send alert email and not allow us join law suit. why no company is responsible for our informations exposed in dark web but run away by their decide victims no "sensitive information was affected"? how about give us examples what kind count as "sensitive information was affected"?

On May 11, Ascension updated its announcement to relay that the unusual activity was due to a ransomware attack on its systems.

Attorneys working with now want to speak with patients of Ascension as they look into the cyber security event. If the incident results in a data breach, those affected may be able to start a class action lawsuit to recover compensation for loss of privacy, time spent dealing with the breach, out-of-pocket costs, and more. A successful case could also force Ascension to ensure it takes proper steps to protect the information it was entrusted with.

Take Action If you are a patient of Ascension, fill out the form on this page to get in touch with us.
ps no click button offered and cant see the "form" at all;

The information submitted on this page will be forwarded to Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, LLC who has sponsored this investigation.
--i clicked "Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, LLC" and searched "Ascension" showed : No result.

however on right-up, i wrote as: spouse(xxx) and i both are Ascension patients didnt receive any data breach alert emails but in Feb 2024 were informed our (att-yahoo) email address ( and 7 passwords were exposed in dark web on 12/16/2022 and other personal informations, we received tons fraud emails including 2 ransome emails and fraud phone calls plus $2700 loss(ps 2 cases in 2018 and 2023). all data breach companies declared "no sensitive information was affected" to run away. we really expect you can help us and others who never receive data breach alert email including Ascension but personal info. exposed in dark web.
ps spouse got medicare in Jan 2022 became Ascension patient. myself should be much earlier. if you need our any extra details we have no problem.
we have tried to opt out/unsubscribe mychart but failed. one of emails as: Smart Timeshare Owner Wed, May 22 at 8:03 AM
the weird is not our email address but received in exposed dark web
i would say whoever is stole our email address and other personal informations. shouldnt do investigation to catch the bastard?

then i received from as: Thank You!
Your Inquiry Has Been Received
An outreach specialist will be contacting you shortly. We will send you an e-mail in 24-48 hours with an update on your inquiry. Thank you again for using​
--Again, i crossed my fingers, if we receive the Ascension company alert email then its no problem. but case like us is too complex and very likely 2022 dark web case is too late.
5/23/2024 received from - Update on Your Inquiry

....How long should I expect to wait to hear from someone?

Most law firms, should they want to follow up with your inquiry, will generally reach out within a few business days. Be sure to check your e-mail (including your junk folder), as some firms choose e-mail over phone for their first communication.

Unfortunately, cannot follow up with every inquiry after it is sent to a law firm. If you have not heard from anyone within 10 days, there could be many reasons why. Visit this page if youd like to learn more about why law firms may contact some people and not others.
If I never hear back, does that mean I don’t have a case? Not necessarily! While is not a law firm (and therefore cant tell you whether or not you have a case), if you feel you that you have a legitimate claim against another person or entity, you should contact a lawyer in your area as soon as possible. Your initial consultation will usually be free. Keep in mind that every state has a statute of limitations, which places a time limit on how long you have to file a case, and these laws vary by state.

--i would say if never hear back then just give up because me-type not rich enough, not knowing how to find quite professional lawyer nearby. even you pay a initial consultation fee (hardly can be free unless you are poor and qualified to get free lawyer, many years ago got county referal because cant find lawyer who would take our case against bloody dentist family from taiwan) the lawyer would advice you not worth because your loss less than lawyer fee charge(that what we were told and the lawyer also saying no exerience dealing with dental case, certainly much less having data breach experiences lawyer) especially if the lawyer wont offer no charge until WIN and pay the percentage you get. if lucky get a professional lawyer, can beat up company has a team lawyers? the two dead men who sued BOEing telling you NO WAY to get justice in usa.
(missed) my 2nd brother sued his worked airplane company 3 years didnt work as self lawyer and certainly cant win. its not worth but destroy his job carrier in usa. DO not believe usa myths that wont happen to most of us. Spouse already 躺平. i still spend lots time to try and post experiences in my 2 blogs.

ps (Visit this page) Why Hasnt a Law Firm Contacted Me?

1. The firm no longer needs a lead plaintiff (they are looking for 首席原告 not me-type victims)
2. You do not meet the firms criteria for litigation(诉讼 you must offer solid evidence, ie only data breach company sent you alert email, the question is we didnt receive EUIFax alert email but SSR offer to verify whether you are in victim listing thats how we can apply settlement but too late only can get 10 years free credit report, didnt see other data breach companies in SSR to verify)
3. The firm is no longer handling these cases (they knew cant make money as lack of solid evidence) same as 4. The investigation is over.
5. You live in the wrong state. Laws vary betwen states. There are certain cases that a law firm will file in one state, but not another. ps it is not fair but thats life. no wonder years ago we bought notebook just 2 years later screen turned black and cant get free replace Graphic-related chip but before us got it thru court sue. usa protect compaies very well including airplane. when i saw china people frequently sued airplane company dely problem, i posted we never can get a penny since 1997 i came to usa.
6. Youre too late. Each state has a time limit in which a lawsuit must be filed. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. If the statute of limitations in your state has expired, you may not receive a response to your inquiry.
--no kidding where can we get ILL state lawsuit time limit and those data beach companies listing to verify like SSA did Equifax data breach ?
Even if you are not the person bringing the suit, you might still be covered by it, making you eligible to receive compensation should the case settle. At, we provide updates on active litigation and open settlements, so check back soon for updates.
--dont expect too much. so many companies (related to us)data breach how to identify which company caused your loss? the most you can get is free credit report but we aleady got from Equifax case. settlement money ? thats just a dream.

6/1/2024 sick of receiving lots university-like junk emails every day so
sent email to A., as:
Dear Sir, we dont know how you get our email address (our email address) and we receive tons similar emails. the email address was exposed in dark web since in 2022. we request you stop sending emails. we knew if no way to opt out from received emails we can report to government. So please remove our email address from your system and your associate 3rd party.
ps i did visit your web site and cant find opt out or unsubscribe or "DO NOT Share info." either.

sent email to B. (similar as A.) but added:
by the way we didnt have register(or account) in your website either as far as we remember.
ps we got tons emails senders for your reference :,,, .... none of them we ever have accounts with.

sent/response email to C.​ as:
Here is the problem i have difficult to fill " PRIVACY RIGHTS REQUEST FORM"
Is Your Request Related To Customer Service/Support or HR Inquiries? i click NO
Country of Residency : united states
State of Residency : Illinois
I Am A(n): (me and spouse dont think we ever have registered so) clicked Non-account holding
Select A Consumer Request Type : marketing opt out

What Is The Date Of Your Last Purchase or Email Interaction (other than this one) with us? (we didnt purchase any book since in 2000 what i should select the date?)10/06/1998
Request Details: we just want to close the account if ever registered before in 2000. and dont want receive any emails from you because the email address and our personal informations already exposed in dark web in 2022 which we didnt know until informed by bank SEC related informed us on 2/28/2024.
click Im not a robot click verify (successful)
BUT Submit botton disabled
SO what am i supposed to do? your system must has our email address or why i would receive your emails? i knew if company wont allow opt out i can report to government website. PLS verify your company "opt out" problem.

ps 6/3/2024 received as: Please allow me to follow up with our technical team to manually submit your deletion request

i really hope so but no confidence unless the company has capable app designer and SW maintain engineer or tester . most usa companies cant fix the app bug/problem.
in the end i searched one of poster suggested pretended as unknown ghost students parents ""
my-email-address click remove email

ps ​one of email i sent, i wrote : some one might use our exposed in dark web email address to apply student loan or else.
as i mentioned any fraud emails received which possibly related money such as credit card, car/house mortguage, student loans.. you must take action before too late.
FBI should force internet browser, email account providers(such as att-yahoo), banks, university-like... stop send their associated adv to exposed dark web vicitms email address. did FBI ever catch bastards in usa, i dont think so. 王云河 crimes is small case in usa, the bigger, biggest criminals are in usa cant be caught.
PS remind any reader DOnt click any usa company website in my posted articles, or your email address auto caught by those malicious companies then you will receive their tons fraud emails cant opt out/unsubscribe(even you didnt register), the worst sooner or later they sell your informations in dark web. Be alert.

to me our informations already exposed in dark web and no way to get rid of. so what more we can lose. however many i didnt visit suspicious websites but copy/paste from search screen.