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Finally can talk to ATT service and sent email to; if pre-clients not received alerts you can...
2024/04/21 10:16
4/20/2024 i called 800-331-0500 the ATT nice lady sent test email which never received so 4/22 called again finally got lady did the test and confirmed their system some need reset or else then 3 test emails and solved the problem and promised wont happen again. but they cant help more as we are ex-client. so I searched there is "AT&T Data Breach Investigation" can help pre-clients and i believe we are not the only one never received those related to us companies data breach alerts email and other certain type companies emails.

ps (ATT) she inquired the account numer and address zip code, it turned out in their system still was our old house address but i found 2013/July ATT bill statement showing our current address already. she explianed the address was spouse 1st time signed up. so i immediately told her we still own the old house.

ps i still try to find our ATT bill statement after 2013-2016(or 2017) because 11/30/2015 DaniWeb data breach and 8/22/2015 ClearVoice Surveys data breach we also didnt receive alerts while we still was ATT client. we changed to WOW because ATT internet frequently got trouble. but wow even worse so half years later we switched to Xfinity...

so i submit the form "First Name , Last Name, Phone, Email, State" and then clicked left botton "contact" which only allow 400 words(only one time, be alert) and i wrote:

my spouse helped me contacted ATT because suspect certain type emails never received, such as data breach alerts and others. this is why till 2024 got bank security related 2 alerts showing 2022 our att email account and 7 different passwords posted in dark web. and 2024/Mar traced dark web exposed the email account and our old password. 4/22/2024 confirmed ATT side blocked some emails from us.
Because afraid not receive "Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC" response again, i used spouse another email account.
ps the way ATT did i deeply suspect whether ClearVoice Surveys and DaniWeb were ATT associated companies that ATT declared 2019 might earlier its associated company data breach not ATT itself. when i called Daniweb the lady told me account very likely closed. thats very weird we never registered(DaniWeb, ClearVoice Surveys) or visited their websites not even know the compay name at all. However i did answear ATT website Bush wars polling as antiwar. did ATT subcontract ClearVoice Surveys, DaniWeb do the jobs so both created our accounts without our knowing?
Another i did post "if usa soldiers not invaded other countries they wont be killed" then the other website immediately shut down. again i just posted my opinion once (didnt register, not knowing the name which should be i read a news then visited the website).
i still remember after the news never post anti-war related websites including anti-war 示威游行 that many times i want to join/attend but dont know when, where...

ps 特朗普:在纽约进行的审判程序干扰选举 2024年4月23日, 01:53
--obviously they try very hard to continue Baiden wars without doubt. same as Bush must continue his wars. it is all about masters wars so many bad things happen including ATT data breach caused so many personal informations posted in dark web.
Dont worry ATT would survive who did for BUSH government and Demacratic war lovers supported. so far ATT didnt tell which associated company data breach.
Finally can talk to ATT service and sent email to but its not done but endless fighting wars

i chat on line didnt expect can get alive agent answear which i did try many times but always failed, this is how i finally succeeded:

AT&T 6:01 AM Hi, Im your AT&T virtual assistant. What can I help you with today?me: for email fraud?

AT&T 6:02 AM Sorry, I didn’t get that. Can you rephrase it or pick from this list of services?

me: fraud emails

AT&T 6:02 AM Sorry, I didn’t get that. Can you rephrase it or pick from this list of services?

i selected "AT&T Wireless"

AT&T 6:02 AM If you are contacting us about the recent news regarding personal customer information, you can learn more at account safety. You may have already received an email about a passcode reset. If your personal information was impacted, you will receive information to obtain complimentary credit monitoring service through US Mail.
Is there anything else I can help you with?

me: i didnt receive ATT alert email but our informations post in dark web on 2022-12-16

AT&T 6:05 AM Got it! What kind of message are you asking about?

me: didnt receive ATT data breach and dark web alert email

i selected "Something else"

AT&T 6:06 AM Now lets have you sign in so I can get you the best answers!

I select "Sign In"

AT&T 6:06 AM Im opening a window for you to sign in
You are now signed in

AT&T 6:07 AM Great! Thanks for signing in.Let me try connecting you with someone who can get you the help you need. PS i happy to the death not talk robot which never list the option which can solve my questions.

...Agent: Just to confirm, you are contacting us regarding the data breach, correct?

me: and dark web too.

i skip those not valuable chat but the thing i need to get ATT help as:

me: it is our email address, passwords and 2 cell phones got hacked. spouse was previous ATT client. we ae not current ATT clients after moved to another city.
can we get help as previous client but still using

Agent: If your information was impacted by this act and if you are not having an AT&T account, you should receive a letter from AT&T explaining the incident, what information was impacted, and what AT&T is doing in response.

And may I know if you have received any email from AT&T regarding the data breach?

me: we didnt receive at all thats the problem. and frequently cant receive emails.

agent: If no mail or email has been received by AT&T that means that your information has not been affected regarding the data breach.

me: we did. we got firefox reporting and bank related security informed us 2022 found our email address and 7password posted in darke web

our email account still using since spouse worked for att then SBC

agent: If your information has been compromised, AT&T will directly let you know about it. And only AT&T knows who were affected and AT&T is compromising all the current and former customers who has been affected.

me: by the way till day i still cant receive ATT forum sent reset password email. we dont understand. PS i found she didnt catch our email account got trouble it might cause why didnt receive the alert emails.

Agent: May I know when did your closed with AT&T? you closed account*

me: what did you mean closed account? we never closed account or you asked me when we didnt pay (ATT) internet service? we moved out 2013 sep? ps its long time ago not so sure

Agent: The data breach in 2019, since your account has been closed in 2013 your account would not release to the dark web and would not affect by the data breach. And since you have received the notification from your bank please contact your bank regarding the same, from AT&T none of the information has been compromised.

me: the news mentioned ATT declared 2019 or earlier.

Agent: And as I have informed you above, if any of the info is compromised and affected because of the data breach an email has been sent to the registered email, if none of the email or mail received from AT&T regarding the data breach please ignore the statements provided by your bank, as your bank does not know what info or what has been effected. PS she still not get we didnt receive because cant receive

me:i have to find out old statments it might stop after 2013. what about other previous att clients? i mean who still use,

Agent: The incident happened in 2019. That means by 2019 the customers who are having active services with AT&T has been affected, not the ones whose services has been disconnected before 2019.

And please be rest assurd, none of your info has been released to dark web or affected by data breach.

me: could be possible verify our email address whether it caused by email account cant receive certain companies emails that we also found government and store sent us emails didnt receive but others can.

Agent: To check on it, the account should be active, since the account has been cancelled we wont be able to check on the emails from our end. So I would request you to check with our call support to verify on your emails.

me: will the support accept my calling as not your client but user ?

Agent: Yes, you need to share you old account details, so that they would verify it for you.

me: great can you give me the ph# and email address so i can fax att bill statement as proof?

Agent:You can call our customer support at 800-331-0500 (M-F) 9Am to 9Pm CST. And AT&T do not have an email to do fax.

me: they dont chat on line or accept email to them?

Agent: Im sorry but yes, we do not have an email support Either it is over chat, call or at store.

me: i see. and the chat here cant help more but call the support?

Agent: Yes, because. On chat we could not validate the cancelled accounts. i see. yesterday i found on line email showing yahoo website, does it meant i have to contact yahoo about fraud emails problems? i did try att forum however after i posted then suddenly cant login any more. nore can receive they send email.

Agent: Forward the email to AT&T at

If you would like to report any fraud emails, please post it to the abive email.

me: i tried(before) then your screen showing it is not ATT but not safe if i continue visit it. i also saw earlier (ATT) forum poster mentioned the same.

Agent: In that case you can directly report it to our fraud team at 877-844-5584.

me: ok. thanks. any way can help me why cant receive ATT-forum sent email or it is your system updated.
can you send me a email to prove i cant receive att send email? last year i have very strong feeling some one control our email account even this year too i posted on forum then cant login.

Agent: Im sorry we do not have an option to send an email from our end.

Just to recap, we have discussed about data breach, is there anything else I can help you with today?

...after chat end, i finally can email to PS i did try always a popped small window showing "add another account" then stop which confused me thought it were not safe, this time it finally showing screen let me write as:

if you can help to stop, frequently sending fraud emails. they are outlook users ( MS forum helped British outlook user evidence.
1/29/2024 we were informed 2022-12-16 06:12:05 found and 7 passwords posted in dark web.; 4/5/2024 informed us on 2024-03-28 06:12:04 traced dark web exposed my@sbcglobal and one of 7 is our email old password.
4/5/2024 we as ATT breach victim got firefox offer free data breach report. we receive none company sent data breach alerts, and others related to us such as ATT, MS, Xfinity... those not on firefox report listing. we have being suffered tons fraud emails and i believe some one strongly control our 2 cell phones and notebook plus email account caused data files and (xbe) mails frequently stolen and cant receive certain companies sent emails and auto deleted emails, phone voice messages ....
i attach 3 data files hoping ATT can help to stop fraud emails who might steal my huge important data files. i did post in ATT forum but suddenly wont allow me login nore can receive "reset password Code" emails.
please send the same response email to my too in case my@sbcglobal still wont receive email. ps data files : 20240420 999.txt(999 block sender address), 20240418 att-yahoo.txt (part of 971 block sender addresses sorted by domain); 20240419 IP-Lookup.txt which you will see (x who help) MS forum help British sender sending lots fraud emails to me. And .SHOP real domain is OUTLOOK.
PLS investigate our problems. i did on line chat and found our AT&T statement account number is 630-3xx-xxx xxx x which we didnt use any more. if you need our firefox report and bank security 2 alerts we would be very cooperative to email you.

ps if can i would like to post 2 of 3 data files in here but i did post earlier.

ps i post here because in usa very very difficult can get problem solved. maybe from my papers can save others lots time trial who like us cant but spent lots time self dig out.

do i beleive didnt impact by ATT data breach? i highly suspect same as never receive DaniWeb; ClearVoice Surveys; DriveSure Gravatar; iMenu360 alert emails by our the earliest ClearVoice Surveys 8/22/2015, DaniWeb 11/30/2015 happened. ATT indicated not their data base but associated company, however didnt tell which is, DaniWeb or else? did ClearVoice Surveys involved ATT online BUSH 战争问卷调查? ps i thought 问卷调查 happened in before BUSH 2nd term or during many anti wars came out. Even Equifax data breach we found in 2023 SSA website when fraud banker happened,why didnt receive Equifax data breach in 2017 alert email either?

ps The Settlement(Equifax data breach) received final approval from the Court on January 13, 2020, Out-of-Pocket Losses or Time Spent that occurred between January 23, 2020, and January 22, 2024, passed on January 22, 2024.

--it was too late for us prepared well before due date 1/22/2024 especially the website i wrote frequently time out i re-typed at least 3 times and not sure what they received when i clicked to see what i wrote in their system never succeed. isnt very unusal none received those companies alert emails but only Equifax thru SSA offered to verify whether you are in victim list ? whats going on, some one disallow or auto deleted those data breach sent alert emails to me or none those company want to send alert email to me? all the years we only received dupage (or cook?) county health-related sent alert by mail in 2023. however that didnt list in firefox report either.

ps just talked the lady (800-331-0500) who told me if i didnt receive today she sent me testing email then call tomorrow. Also gave me to write what happen to us including email accnt never receive any data breach alerts problem. she wrote down our data breach case including i mentioned some one control our notebook stole huge data files and certain type emails, cell phones. i also mentioned ATT should tell its associated company name who got data breach.

ps i turned off notebook spoker suspect the hacker can listen to my talking.

ps fortunately i found out in 2013 received ATT bill statements without account num and not ATT currently wireless user, probably wont get any help. indeed i made a copy from companies on line statements but always data files weird disappeared the worst MS pending restart caused huge data files auto deleted recently(4/9?). my conclusion keep paper statements is the most safe way even we got psycho theif steal/retuned behaviour.

when BCBS many years later got sued the psycho theief already stole lots our medical related papers wont returned. we didnt receive one penny compensation. the worst their on line badly design.

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--can ATT, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile related to ClearVoice Surveys 8/22/2015, DaniWeb 11/30/2015 email address, IP address, email password data breached?
just confirmed with spouse we had cell phone virgin mobil(英国?美国?台湾?).
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ps An IP address with ATT is labeled as dynamic unless you pay for a static ip. did 四大电信运营商非法出售用户位置信息 static ip and dynamic ip?