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who attacked our MS link with email account? from Brazil Mexico Moldova UK Ukraine Russia... and US?
2024/04/19 01:44
we have very bad time since 4/9 MS updated, uninstalled... i lost huge data files caused by window settings update & security, and showing pendding need restart.
it began worse and worse frequently cant login this and that then pretended forgot password/pin, whats a hell days cant do anything but busy in fixed login problems.
Spouse had a fighting with me today that when i told him cant but change his email account password because cant login. i have reminded him we are in dark web not mention last year felt very strongly some one controled our cell phone and my notebook(the old one was his).

i wanted him to use monitor.firefox or outlook-monitor-like (i knew some others offer the same free reporting including ATT itself current clients) but he already gave up not fighting/protect any more including AIG-AThene-Agent transfered this and that excuses till 4/11(AIG) in stead another 2/19(Allianz) or mine 2/21(AIG), 3/11(AIG). we expected put all annuity contracts in one company and same expiring day. we applied Oct-Nov never thought took so long and guaranteed interest rate down, the worst AIG(CoreBridge) held our account money so tightly worse than Allianz(the agent did wrong job, we selected another company agent but we were so wrong like we were the companys 1st cases very lack of acknowledge or experiences)
ps maybe usa 3 companies(2agents, Allianz, AIG) tried hold clients money tightly so kept delaying. each event(weird excuses) took at least 7+10 business days wont one day earlier but later. why spouse AIG account disappeared then till 4/11 finally transfered? because he already 躺平.
whenever i upset at the agent he told me as worked for that company which had same issue all the years, he believes it is usa big companies very inefficient system caused (same as usa government after we married he told me he didnt want any related and stayed away because hated their 能力很差 效率很低. he worked like coordinator as the agent, its really a painful jobs to coordinate with different departments and companies to make it works.

After i told him i seemed solve the puzzle why my notebook created MS account disappeared years ago after he gave to me then he recovered his original MS account but used my information. himself created another MS account for new notebook.
each time seemed working without problem but then suddenly got problem like 4/16 yesterday-4/17 today (now is 4/18 1:01am still continue).
so spouse finally tried to help to find a solution or else then found who attacked his MS link with his email account, which showing:
4/17 11:27pm 1hr ago Brazil tried login his (microsoft) email account
4/15 11:26am Turkey; 4:31am Mexico; 1:33am UK
4/14 7:24pm Russia; 2:52pm Russia; 12:17am Ukraine
4/13 12:18pm Russia; 12:44am Mexico
4/12 11:58pm Moldova; 4:40pm Moldova (摩尔多瓦共和国) ; 1:13am UK
except those from foreign countries most are from USA which we need verify whether dark web in usa did to us. some definitely from mself but couple times logged in his email account because both email accounts cant receive certain companies sent emails and i needed login his account do the testing that proved in the beginning cant, later we can send/receive each other but cant receive from SSA, IDtheft, ??? help fraud handymen stole $2000 case which just called the lady who declared i would receive her email but didnt.

(i would contine posr from 4/3-4/11 and see whether can find my notebook attackers)
4/18/2024 i tried to get help(not yet done), and found out the very weird sympton as :
... i would like to attach i blocked fraud emails addresses for your reference. I did block 3 senders domain but no way to block SHOP such as the senders : shelia.poole????@????.SHOP
today (4/18) after i deledted 6 SHOP fraud emails immediately showed up another as usual.
i really suspect my notebook got seriously virous embeded by hackers......

ps in ATT forum i did inquire whether senders.SHOP related to ATT selling products but didnt get answear. i also posted when i marked those as SPAM then block sender addresses option would disappeared.
Why block SHOP domain didnt work? i would like ATT explain. ps i did Email Lookup offer by Email Lookup: Check & Verify Email Address Free it shows : the sender.SHOP email address is not valid.
thats why block sender address and block domain wont work. they use
to destroy ATT reputation or else ?

ps case
​Email Lookup Connection Process
Resolving host name ""...PS not SHOP domain? no wonder block domain not working
Connecting to host address ""...PS wont showing anything then timed out
[Whois Lookup-IP Lookup]
Email Verifier Process
S 220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Thu, 18 Apr 2024 17:53:33 +0000
S 250 Hello [] PS IP cant visit; 6:30pm it showed sorry,hosting provider: webmaster@ (, then repeatedly.
S 250 2.1.0 Sender OK
S 250 2.1.5 Recipient OK PS it was S 550 5.5.0 not OK; The error message "550 5.5.0 you are receiving is a bounce message which could be caused by: -The email address you are sending to do not exist. -There is a problem with your recipient account. -Your recipient has too many messages and the server that hosts it no longer accepts it.;
3 times tried became succeed
250 2.1.5 Unable to connect which searched showing SMTP Error Codes:success status, mix with IP address ?

250 2.1.5 Unable to connect PS IP searched showing SMTP Error Codes:success status, mix with IP address ?
Verified address, not sending email.
The Result of Email Lookup Process
This host states that the address is valid.
Disconnected. is a valid deliverable e-mail box address.

case 2 :
Email Lookup Connection Process
Resolving host name ""... PS again
Connecting to host address ""...PS cant be visited then timed out, remember 10x.yy.z.nn IP address type attacked China?
ps i posted earlier about 中国国安部:今年一季度,美国对中国等国实施网络攻击达2000余次 2024年4月2日, 09:20
--in the past i can check ports such as ports 80,443...and some of 100-110 by 192.168.0.xx but today except our router port all got as: 网站可能暂时不可用或太忙。请稍后再试。
如果您的计算机或网络受到防火墙或代理的保护,请确保允许 xxx 访问网络.
now the sceen totally white and in the end shows timed out.

[Whois Lookup - IP Lookup]
Email Verifier Process
S 220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Thu, 18 Apr 2024 17:27:12 +0000 PS sender under MS protected? see belowPS
S 250 Hello []
S 250 2.1.0 Sender OK
S 550 5.5.0 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (S2017062302). [ 2024-04-18T17:27:13.784Z 08DC5C9567ACFEA7] PS the hacker is user
The Result of Email Lookup Process
This host states that the address is not valid. PS the 3rd time tried became valid
Disconnected. is not a valid deliverable e-mail box address. PS became valid
Note i tried 3 times then both case became valid. quite strange or it is normal?
however if it is valid then should show their IP address but didnt or IP is 250 2.1.0?

PS searched "" ( showing:
email reject by rejected your message to the following email addresses: ******* (******
Your message wasnt delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept email from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery. gave this error:
Unfortunately, messages from [x.x.x.x] werent sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3140). You can also refer your provider to []--PS detailed SMTP Error Code such as 550 SC-001 Mail rejected by for policy reasons

i am more and more curious about T Kalpage (Tara) -type senders who has IT background to use such MS protected sender email address. it wont be free how much pay to MS?

the following i posted earlier as:
ps i did receive fraud emails from British which never visit their websites as;;
4/15/2024 i searched "what is the domain for @ hotmail" got this:
from T Kalpage v 12/2/2013
Dear all
Can anyone assist?
I am based in the UK (我住在英国) and recently created an outlook account with ending
My partner has now sent out invite cards to people for a special occasion asking them to respond to
We have paid a lot for these invites and I now suspect that people will try to email this .com account but we wont get the emails.
What can we do? thanks Tara

(MS community)Ron sommer: Login to your account.
Change your country to United States.
See if you can add the address as an alias.
If you can add the address, then your problem is solved.
If the address is already in use, then any emails would go to that address.
--so she(or he) paid a lot to usa data brokers or MS ? which one sold out us?

Did you see they are using thru MS forum got some one help them cant be caught/blocked. the question is "did MS sell our informations to those sending lots fraud emails to us for what? are those Dark Web members working for usa?

ps Everything you need to know about SMTP Error Codes Published on 2019-11-07· Updated on 2024-01-25 ....SMTP response codes are updates sent by an SMTP server during the mail delivery process. They are sent in response to commands issued by an SMTP client using a 3-digit format. These numerical codes indicate a status or error pertaining to a message transmission, allowing senders to troubleshoot sending issues.
1xx returns informational code i.e., your request is received successfully and sent for further processing.
2xx returns a success code i.e., your request is understood and accepted.
3xx returns a redirection code i.e., your request needs few actions to be taken to be completely accepted.
4xx returns a client error code i.e., your request is incorrect, might be a syntax issue or contains an issue that cant be fulfilled.
5xx returns a server error code i.e., your request was valid but the server failed to process due to internal error.
poster: Today onward, Im doing this: select all emails from infofeed (today it was over 40 emails), and report them as phishing.
If the Outlook team is getting a gazillion phishing reports from these domains, maybe theyll be forced to do something about it.
--earlier i got lots,, then xxx.SHOP especially the shelia.poole??? switched from .site to .shop very professional type like a leader of the fraud team. very psycho, control and punish victim type.,

im not the only one dig out what the real domain is
i decide to find out MS team and send senders.SHOP listing(4/18 total 971) plus the evidence to prove senders real domain is not SHOP but outlook. my question why would they care if so many people use the different email account providers. they (bosses) might make a deal such as my users send to yours vice verse, no more than 100 fraud emails send to the same pity user. i saw it declared daily average 20-30 fraud emails is allowable. the question is: are they just so hyper send fraud emails to abuse victims or they stealing users notebook data files, ID...? how can we tell such user data files stolen caused by MS or dark web related? no wonder certain can disable/control/disappeared att-yahoo block sender address function. then i cant login ATT forum any more, didnt receive Forum sent "reset password code" emails either.

ps Email Lookup Connection Process
Resolving host name ""...
Connecting to host address ""...
[Whois Lookup-IP Lookup]
Email Verifier Process
S 220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Fri, 19 Apr 2024 02:42:56 +0000 PS see again. could be the company not caroline-hacker ?
S 250 Hello []
S 250 2.1.0 Sender OK
S 550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. [ 2024-04-19T02:42:57.194Z 08DC5D95FF0562AF] PS no matter what the hacker still is user
The Result of Email Lookup Process
This host states that the address is not valid.
Disconnected. is not a valid deliverable e-mail box address.

ps after my huge data stolen i frequently change passwords and cant remember (so meanless like random generated) whenever went to do something else or fell slept my notebook screen requested re-login then got trouble... i inquired myself what am i doing this? can MS blame me suspect they are behind dark web?
NOTE: A global wave of cyberattacks and data breaches began in January 2021 after four zero-day exploits were discovered in on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers, giving attackers full access to user emails and passwords on affected servers, administrator privileges on the server, and access to connected devices on the same network.
PS 4/19/2024 again never receive MS alert email. how many percentage ATT data break, dark web those previous clients like us didnt receive any company data breach alerts? most previous clients were ATT groups employees usually would be like us even much better (spouse already was broke before married) credit scores, did they also be auto ignored? or we are selected as i am anti-war since Bush wars and posted my opinion in ATT 民意调查 then be monitored so already hacked/control our notebooks?