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2011/04/19 13:50

'年華逝去' , by Angela Chen, 4/19, 2011

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2011/04/19 11:37

New Painting

''年華逝去' , oil paint over acrylic paint and oil pastel on cardboard, 26 cm x 43 cm,

by Angela Chen, 4, 2011

original painting

' exaggeration' , acylic paint and oil pastel on cardboard, 26 cm x 43 cm,

by Angela Chen, 7, 2010


The original painting was done in July last year. Yesterday

I looked at it again and I found I was not satisfied with

the way I painted. I was trying to paint like Picasso's

style. I started to take brush and use oil paint to change

some of the details. I found that I would like to use soft

colors with different composition. The new painting,

I intend to leave some unclear space to allow more

imagination. The woman on the right is the older woman.

The one in the middle one is the same woman but represent

when she was younger. Three horses represent her lovers

( 引喻白馬王子,  不是人獸戀).When you look at the

original painting, you can find the horse shape on the

left hand side by the woman. This is why I  painted

the horse. I use  postive and negative spaces in the

original painting to creat new images. The more I painted,

the more I felt like to paint the castle on the back. Finally,

I got a new title for this painting.

When we were young, we dreamed to be like a princess

and marry a handsome  prince, live in the castle. But

when we grow older, we found everything is not so

ideal like we think. The 'princess' is getting older and

older and become an 'old lady' in  real life. 

This makes me think of Bible verses:

箴言 27:1, "不要為明日自誇,因為一日要生何事,

你尚且不能知道。"  傳道書 5:7 ,  "多夢和多言,

其中多有虛幻,你只要敬畏神。" ;    

6:12,  "人一生虛度的日子,就如影兒經過,


之下有什麼事呢﹖"   9:11,  "...見日光之下,快跑的




I pray that God bless whoever look at my painting and

these Bible verses.


~ Angela Chen 

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