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Christians and Sex
2021/09/26 21:09

Christian couples make lots of mistakes when they have sexual relations.  The intimacy can be better if you stay clear of these five common mistakes made by Christians and sexual sex.

  1. "Sex should be very brief".  This is a common error concerning Christian sexual intimacy.  It's the notion that intimacy shouldn't exceed 30 minutes or one hour.  Once it's over the relationship is over.  The reason for this is that sex is an "desert" and you shouldn't overindulge.  This creates Christian sexual intimacy appear low-cost and insignificant.  The intimacy is a common theme among Christians is best seen as a main dish with a variety of second servings to be followed.  It's a beautiful , important present from God and should be celebrated in all its glory and not restricted to meals with intervals to consume.
  2. "We shouldn't do this position".  There is a belief that certain sexual positions are sinful and should not be used.  The main issue with sexual positions is whether or not they're safe and comfortable for the couple.  If both couples are agreeing and no unhealthy or risky issues are in the way the position shouldn't be considered a barrier to intimacy.
  3. "Premature ejaculation is OK".  Many Christian women simply admit that husband's premature ejaculation issue is normal and shouldn't be treated.  The men, on the other hand, are not willing to admit that they are having issues.  The wife, on the other hand, isn't experiencing any sexual satisfaction.  It is evident here.  It is the responsibility of the man to figure out methods to stay for as long as he possibly can to satisfy his wife.  If he's prone to sexually ejaculating in the early hours, which many men are, he needs to be proactive in preventing this issue from happening.
  4. "Oral sex should be avoided".  This is another sinful thing to do for many Christians.  It is important to recognize that when the act isn't harmful and is in agreement with both parties, it is an important step toward being accepted.  Bible verses do not specifically block off verbal acts between two loving, engaged Christian couples.  Certain verses will be interspersed according to their own preferences, but ultimately it's up to the couple perform their own due diligence in the matter.  However, if oral sex offers the sexually satisfying bond that exists for couples and is mutually acceptable and secure the option should be considered an option to increase intimacy.  melbourne escorts
  5. "We do the same sexual routine every time we have sex and this works for us. "  Here's one of the biggest errors Christians who have sex regularly make.  This can lead to becoming boring. Even though it might be appealing for the moment, over time the lack of variety and the intimate variety will prevail and sex will become boring.  It is always beneficial to learn new things, mix things up, incorporate Christian safe sex toys in your relationships, and switch places to ensure you're having a fun sex time for years to come.