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TPE Sex Dolls: Everything You Need to Know
2023/04/20 18:32
As an experienced sex doll sales professional, I understand that customers have different needs when it comes to sex toys. TPE sex dolls are becoming more and more popular because of their unique features and realistic feel.
TPE material introduction
TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, a synthetic material used in many applications such as toys, medical devices and automotive parts. TPE material is a mix of rubber and plastic that is flexible, durable and soft to the touch. Its also hypoallergenic, meaning its safe for people with allergies. So you can feel safe having sex with your teen sex doll
Benefits of TPE Sex Dolls
  One of the main advantages of TPE sex dolls is their realistic feel. The material is soft and elastic, and feels like human skin. When you touch it, it feels like you are touching a real person, she is like a real girl, giving you company, no extra cost, no dating burden, no arguments with you, she will always listen.
TPE sex doll classification
TPE sex dolls come in many different types and styles. The most common types are full-size sex dolls, sex doll torso, and miniature sex dolls. Full size TPE sex dolls are the most realistic and come in a variety of body shapes including slim, curvy and plus sizes. Torso sex dolls are smaller and contain only the upper body, while miniature sex dolls are smaller and are often used for cosplay and travel because they are easier to carry and wash.
Cleaning TPE Sex Dolls
Cleaning your TPE sex doll is essential to keep it in good condition and prevent bacterial growth. The best way to clean a sex doll is with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the TPE material. After cleaning, dry the sex doll with a clean towel, remember to apply baby powder when it dries, and store it in a cool, dry place.
Before using for the first time, remember to wash it first and use a water-based lubricant when using the TPE sex doll

 to prevent damage to the material. Compared with silicone sex dolls, she is the choice of most people. Of course, this is also related to the price. If you pursue higher quality, maybe you will choose silicone sex dolls.
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