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Little Livie- A TrueTouch Silicone Doll
2023/02/07 08:57

Ava is a lifelike TrueTouch(tm), reborn silicone baby doll. A pink jumper is worn by Ava with floral accents on her headband and front. Her jumper's back is ruffled.

Little Livie TPE sex doll Sets are made from genuine TrueTouch(r). Silicone This silicone is remarkable lifelike and flexible and perfectly captures Ms. Murray’s original sculpture. It makes a wonderful gift for parents who are new to the market or first-time buyers. It will bring joy and happiness to your child's first-year! The adorable Little Livie silicone doll can be gifted to your child right away!

Vinyl babies are not safe to swim in water. If not taken care of, the skin of silicone babies can become very fragile. To preserve their skin, use special powders. You should change the outfits of your silicone baby once or twice per week to prevent them from tearing. Use a soft comb to keep your baby's hair soft and shiny.

True Touch silicone is also great for pets. The glove makes it easy to remove pet hair. True Touch contours can reach every hidden hair, which is unlike other grooming tools. Just take off the hair and put it in the trash. The True Touch makes a wonderful gift, whether for babies or lovers.

One of the major drawbacks to BBW sex doll, is their porous skin which easily attracts hair and dirt. It is recommended that you buy a vinyl doll, which are more durable and can last for 10 to 30 year. They are loved by both collectors and parents alike. It is best to wait until your child is old enough for the doll to be cared for. You should read the instructions for handling and care before you buy a silicone doll.

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