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What countries have stores for physical dolls?
2022/07/01 16:53

Today, physical dolls have gained international recognition and are more found in many different areas. Even though physical dolls have experienced several changes to arrive at their present condition the physical doll experience stores are a unique story. Many countries have opened stores for physical dolls.

Like any other business the industry of physical dolls has seen many changes, in the beginning, the dolls were made from inflatable materials. Later times, they were not just constructed of silicone and TPE but were also equipped with artificial intelligence that could perfectly mimic human behavior. How did the concept of an experience with a doll originate and from where did the first prototype begin?

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain was the city that launched the first physical doll store. Although it seemed like an unpopular proposition when it was first introduced, the stores are becoming popular and spreading fast.

The availability of physical stores that sell dolls is completely contingent on legislative frameworks in the country, however it's gratifying to see a number of nations embrace the concept. The numbers speak for themselves and increasing the numbers of states that have opened these locations grows, the future looks positive.

The LumiDolls physical doll store that opened on the streets of Barcelona in February of 2017, was a pioneering role and was praised for its global acceptance for this brand new fashion.


Xdolls began operations in January 2018 and was the very first physical doll store in France. The original license for operation specified an area for play the store offers the opportunity for people who love physical dolls to have fun.

Physical dolls offers three dolls that are real, Kim, Lily and Sophia who customers need to reserve on the internet. The store states that customers are aged between 25 to 50, and that the outlook is extremely positive.


Bordoll began operations in mid-2017, and was the first experience with a physical doll located in Dortmund, Germany.Bordoll has 11 different dolls in the physical world, all of which are made differently to meet the requirements of a wide market.

The physical doll shop in Germany has progressed a lot and, since then the number of people who visit daily has increased by two times. The most interesting thing is it's more frequent customers.

United Kingdom

The idea of a physical real life sex doll store sounds amazing A man aged 40 who is known as Graham is establishing the biggest physical doll retailer in United Kingdom.

The store is dubbed Lovedoll United Kingdom, this unique store, which includes an extra bed for two, as well as various tools and mannequins, is drawing customers from all different walks of life. According to the company's founder over 70% of customers are happy with the experiential model.


Date A Doll physical doll experience is situated in Lanarkshire The physical doll store was created by a 25-year-old Steven Crawford, who said that he founded the store with the sole physical doll that was based on faith that he believes to be an innovative concept.


Doll. Be Experience is the only physical doll experience available in Belgium.


Aura Dolls opened this year in an open-air shopping mall in the north-western part of Toronto and, so far, has been an enormous success.

The proprietor of the store works in partnership with the brand to offer customers an assortment of dolls that can fulfill their dreams. The brands play an integral part in deciding on the most desirable physical dolls based upon the sales figures and recommendations towards their owner.