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The constant finger diving falls 0.9% risks and keeps 30000 points
2018/03/16 11:00

  BOC Hongkong (40.6, -0.50, -1.22%) fell 1.95%, AIA (68.1, -1.25, -1.80%) fell 1.87%, Hang Seng Bank (197.7, -3.10, -1.54%) fell 1.84%.

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  The internal silver shares fell. Industrial and Commercial Bank (5.92 -0.50%) (6.71, -0.08, -1.18%) fell 1.62%, Agricultural Bank (3.81 -0.78%, -0.04, -0.92%) fell 0.92%, Construction Bank (7.36 -1.21%, -0.08, -0.99%) (8, -0.08, -0.99%) (8, -0.08, -0.99%) fell 0.87%.

  The bets fell. Jinsha China fell 1.19%, New World Development (28.9, -0.05, -0.17%) fell 1.04%, Galaxy Entertainment (68.8, -0.75, -1.08%) fell 1.01%.

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  Expert opinion:

  Yao Yao securities, Mr Yeoh Yiu Hui, said that Hong Kong stocks plunged more than 410 points again yesterday, and the stocks fell almost all the way, and the real estate stocks which were sensitive to interest were poor. However, unless the rate of increase in the United States is faster than expected, property prices may not be substantially adjusted, but under the shadow of interest rate hikes, real estate stocks are still under pressure. Of course, after yesterday's fall, the permanent finger again fell to 10 days and 20 antenna, but as I earlier pointed out, Hong Kong shares increased volatility in a single day, making short technical analysis of short line is not high. As the US stocks fluctuated again overnight, I believe that the 30000 points of Hong Kong stock will be tested today, and the latest news of Sino US trade negotiations should also be heed.

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