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Employees' privacy protection is better than ordinary users
2018/05/04 12:02

  Within Facebook, the reminding of personal data between employees is often called the "Solon alert" - Solon is a character in the film "the Lord of the rings", a person with no eyelid eye, which can always be vigilant and look far away. But Facebook did not provide similar privacy protection to 2 billion ordinary users.

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  Such double standards are hard to accept. Why are employees protected more than ordinary users? It is precisely because of this double standard that Facebook has fallen into a problem that it is difficult for them to tell users how the company uses user data. Facebook in order to solve this problem thoroughly, they have to make a lot of changes to their platform.

  A spokesman for the company said that Facebook is currently working on an internal discussion, and the topic of discussion is whether it should be open to all users. The spokesman added: "there are many other important things that we need to consider when considering providing similar functions to all users. For example, how to prevent this function from being abused. "

  Facebooks system is really abused: earlier this week, an employee of Facebook boasted to a female user about a Facebook users privacy information on a dating application. Then the employee was then fired.

  Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos (Alex Stamos), speaking of the incident, said, "any employee who abuses these controls will be expelled."

  If the users data is acquired by an external person, Facebook will remind the user, but when Facebooks own employees do it, the user knows nothing. A spokesman for the company said: "anyone will receive a reminder when unidentified login acts from other users occur, or when we detect suspicious behavior."

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  Some of Facebooks incumbent and former employees revealed that only a small number of people can log in to the users Facebook account without a password, and most of them are members of the security team. Moreover, these peoples rights and behaviors will be strictly monitored.

  One source said the employees had privileges to see "personal privacy" information that ordinary users looked like, such as photos and articles open to friends, unencrypted private news and so on.

  Facebook officials, as well as former employees of the company, say employees with this authority can access other peoples accounts to examine technical errors, test new functions, or cooperate with the government to investigate possible crimes.

  Many former employees have revealed that when employees use internal software to access user data, they have to give reasonable reasons, and then managers will read the explanations they give. In general, employees who use this authority should be able to submit written applications.

  A former employee said that in recent years, a number of Facebook employees were fired because they did not access the users data properly. Any unauthorized user data access may be the cause of an employees dismissal, even if the employee visits the information of his spouse or a minor child.

  However, unlike ordinary users, employees can receive reminders when Facebook engineers visit materials related to their employees.

  A source said that because Facebook engineers often need to use employee data to test future products or repair technical problems, Facebook created the internal reminder system. In 2015, the official name of the tool was changed to "Security Watchdog". However, Facebook employees still prefer to call it "Solen alarm".

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