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Luxury romantic
2014/01/08 15:08

The night, hazy, see not the Qingyuan mountain scenery, alcohol, slightly thick, drunk that ray of tenderness of heart, autumn cool light, with an inexpressible sadness and pain, no one can know, Dermes HKlife is a dream or vision? The green tea is a sober moment of life, always put the loneliness of moonlight, Miss Yin into autumn, years, imperceptibly, meandering into a path, leading to the dawn of hope......

Life, not imagine the beautiful, nor the results to good, many times it is difficult and helpless, but still want to continue to move forward, because you believe that,Dermes價錢 perhaps, the future will be very beautiful, we always have such a belief, go the way another way, believe, someday you will see the beautiful scenery.

The bed of green flowers bloom quietly into a landscape, has been like green flower, because it has a common and strong life, even without the warmth of the sun shines, it can still be tough to live out the color of life, youth, lush, as long as there is a drop of water, it will issue a tender leaves, grow hope the vines, will raise the soil fragrance it into a basin of the scenery, even if there is no good aroma, can still give people a vision of hope, life, this brilliant into a green life, bloom in the four seasons of loneliness......

I sometimes like another loss,Best Hair Removal Centre it is heart forever cannot tell the confusion, we are not willing to lay down the camouflage, but also could not bear to throw each other cuts, facing the lonely heart, thoughts have filled the drunken beauty event, like a night light, the eyes sting, and miss are still infatuation, in cold despair, flowing in the memories......

In life, most of the time, say not clear, who is drunk who love? Who struck who heartstrings? Who wrote the who love? Who is wearing thin sweater who? Who lit the lamp who? Who love who alone? Who and who? Who be passionately devoted, whose thoughts warm?
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