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WenWanHan fang
2015/03/18 15:14
In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. Flowers aimless breeze, deep and remote on yarn, hazy Cain, distant mountains pale foggy day, according to the water but sleep, quietly into the night. 

Listen to a song music, walking in a roll of a scroll view, how many stories, much sorrow, much laughter, gently ying ying like scene in the book. A sentence, deeply felt, a piece of prose, smile gu, meanwhile, mountain stream, flowing stream, spring flower is bright, fragrance overflowing; Sometimes sad haunted, iraqis melancholy, in the protagonist's thought from engaging in joy and sorrow, in the beautiful scenery picturesque landscape linger... 

In the book, watch, while thinking about his path, occasionally feel around the story of friends and similar places in the book, also reveries fly wings, like place oneself among them to watch. Memories ripple in the quiet moonlight, text, leisurely water, lofty mountains, playing fly, ying sleeve. 

The moon is high, a cup of green tea, slowly diffuse yarn, tea fragrance. Quietly listen to a song music, revel in the rhythm of beautiful, fascinating and, like a flute of white engaging figure is elegant, fade away, just like a dream, like former old acquaintance, smell the flute so well, faint thousand wisp, flow chardonnay evening dream, the night has dream dust. 

Light paint, ink alcohol and scroll at his desk. How much joy, how much sadness, how much disappointed, how much glory, light condensate volume, years of aloes in nib overflowing fragrance. Once again go gently, time distance, light pen book lonely, walking send disconsolate, deep and remote light rhyme, past the long distance. 

In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. The wind blows yuhua dream, relaxes the sleeve hidden fragrance. Eyes like water, waterfall and moss, soft willow out, recalling a time-lapse, years and pen ink speech, light graceful and restrained in pen said shallow sing, reverberate in time and space to past youth years, mo... . 

In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. And desk book language, volume fu Marty natalegawa, brushed the rhythm, before flower Yin wen wan. In the wind, old old old gradually fuzzy, xin light ink mark. 

A toast to invite the moon, you play out, eyes into the volume of the reward, count romance jasmine, love reason to like water, whether not always close feeling. Leave a eternal beauty, let time aloes, diffuse in the years long corridor, let the ink flowing in time and space, light load years of dribs and drabs of wen wan. 

A lift a ride through mountain, water, the end of the world where to find, the fallen petal scooped up homeless. Indifferent in quiet beauty wandering in the world, leave a pleasantness, keep a heart all the wind light cloud light appreciate the beautiful world, compose the world charming story! 

Mountain clouds elegant, crystal clear water month, pinch the wind smiling, scooped up hidden in hand. If love please deep love, if not love, please let go, to elegant turned and, through the scenery does not belong to you. 

Free and unfettered through world of mortals graceful and restrained, dream with heart flowing clouds. Cycle of fu poetry in one thousand, a proverb mail language. Time such as poem, time is like water, years of aloes, pervaded the corridor light flower bloom and fade, and watch the clouds scud across. 

The past with the wind, quiet moonlight, desk walking back and forth, speechless to melancholy. Brow mood, for a number of circulation, youth diffuse degrees, the fallen petal pian-pian dancing world of mortals, raindance hazy poetry a butterfly. 

In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. Laugh out of dance, the white clouds in the wind. You string musical play flute, stroll JingYi. Flowers blowing, drunk to listen to the wind pillow YunMian, sunset, mountains wan xia in accordance with the setting sun, moonlight drunk cool breeze, the twilight gradually thick, note the sunset, about who to spend? 

In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. Light load sweet bamboo sea sail, carrying on landscape poetry cotton. Flow glowed loose seton hall, indifferent to quiet since the enron. Rainbow reflection of the sky, the sunset beauty is picturesque, mo around China, pen condensing bursts of flowers. Time like water, years such as poetry, quiet meditation, walking comfortable poem language, stroll coagulation youth time, the old light away. 

Time went by, fly like a dream, lean on the window listening to snow, poetic condensation of heart. 

The way in life, we experience every day, may be sad and disappointed hand, be brave to face, after the wind and rain there will be a beautiful rainbow in the sky is bright. 

Silently in the heart all compose solid road, continuously enterprising, there will be a new dawn, gain a better future! 

In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. The past like a dream, the world of mortals lonely, paper writing, back and forth chapter setting. 

Flower splash when feeling tears, on vertical diffuse deep shade, deep cup pour wine, moon pour cup. 

Write lovesickness wind band, send month, beautiful story, ripples in the heart of the ark incense sail gently swaying. Sing odes to the time that's gone, aloes, resonant with the sound of years past fine condensation of heart grow, gone with the wind is light. 

In diffuse yarn, have thousands of heavy. Many a time, a bunch of sweet heart in tranquil silently, in the time's river fragrance overflowing, carrying my poetic dream in tranquil. A deep feeling of arteries and veins, into a thin pen flore, WenWanHan fang, melancholy, all smile to warm. To find heart harbor, drunk to romantic, wan ci poetry, fu word correctly, write down the human stories, poetic mood. 
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