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Swan love
2013/12/31 11:12
Recently, see the ballet "Swan Lake" on TV, the beautiful music, the elegant and graceful dancing, noble, holy, faithful Swan image, beautiful legend reminded me of what I heard in Xinjiang Swan Lake more than twenty years ago about a swan love.

That summer, I in Xinyuan County, after the interview embroidery logo, ride to the Bayanbulak grasslands, came to the coveted, world-famous Swan lake. Here more than two thousand meters above sea level, cool and humid climate, the lake area of 300 square kilometers. The distance stretches of the Tianshan Mountains, snow Bingfeng prick toward the sky, a natural barrier of Swan lake. The foot of the Tianshan rich springs, streams and Tianshan snow Everfount into the lake. There are many reeds, grasses and flowers in the small island in the lake, water Feng Mao grass, food is sufficient, very suitable for the growth of.

Whenever the spring thaw, the recovery of all things, season, a group of swans, gathering in crowds and groups, soar to great heights, over high mountains and lofty hills, distant from the South came to the foot of the Tianshan Swan Lake habitats and breeding. In the bright sun, the surface of a clear calm lake, white clouds floating reflections, floating in water feeding the swans, constitute a "seamless leaching water Bitian, mountain water containing state since a beautiful picture map". This incredible natural beauty, be good to hear or see, be full of wit and humour, look attractive.

I stood by the lake shore, wholeheartedly at the Swan Lake and elegant appearance, pure white feather, mildly leisurely attitude, feel fresh, never lost their appeal, intoxicated. They are so high Guimei, gentle and beautiful, different secular. No wonder the local Mongolia people praise for "chaste herdsmen Swan bird", "angel", "symbol", everyone loved it, welcome it, enjoy it.

Swan Lake Protection Station a staff enthusiastically introduced me to say, the swan is a symbol of pure love, true to the core. When a pair of swans began to fell in love again, nor could the third party. In the long road of love for a lifetime together, they would rather give up love, death, a moment of warmth company, with their respective teams, proceed without hesitation to turn away. To be loyal to the buried in the heart, dedication of love, they undergo a lonely, missing torture, resist the other Swan love temptation, unyielding in the face of the test.

After three years the test of time, if they feel unable to fall in love cloud, break up will be friendly. If they still love each other, one of them put one's foot down to leave the following years team, turned to another only ranks. From then on, they go hand in hand, either in the South or North, whether it is flying high, around the lake, or the water feeding, the shore to rest, will follow like a shadow, accompanied by life, in pairs, until death.

Especially in the female swan eggs, the male Swan always beside. If the invading enemy, it must be fearless courage against them, quickly incite strong wings, hard to beat each other, a fatal blow to the enemy. If there is a swan sick or injured, his partner will in the next day and night guard CCIBA, never abandon. If there is a death, the other one is distraught, miss forever, and be most willing to be "chastity", life living alone.