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Winter Salad with Pecans, Pears and Gorgonzola
2013/12/30 09:28

I eat a salad almost every day. I grab a big bowl, make dressing in it,

then toss in whatever ingredients I have on hand. It might be a hard-

boiled egg, miscellaneous greens, bits of roast chicken , slivered

carrots, shredded cabbage, toasted nuts, cherry tomatoes, crumbled

cheese, and so forth – whatever I have on hand. (But hold the alfalfa

sprouts; does anyone really like those?)

It gets pretty frosty in Paris in the winter, and I always feel sorry for

the outdoor market vendors who stand there and shiver while we decide on

what to buy. Those of us who descend on the market try to get in and out

as fast as possible. When it gets really cold, some vendors huddle near

plug-in heaters that don’t seem to do all that much, but I&rsquoWomen casual wear;m sure are

better than nothing. (They have them in some of the French train stations

as well, and people flock to be close to them, as if they were some

mythic totem.)

At home, I’m okay in the heat department, but each year I vow I’m going

to get one of those lights that is supposed to make you happy during the

gray winter season. I was once a guest on a television show in New York

and they had one in the corner of their kitchen. When I asked if it

really made a difference, they said, “We’re not sure&hellip Server Hosting;but we seem to

gravitate toward it, and all of us end up working around it.”

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