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How to Promote Education Governance and Educational Rule of Law
2018/03/28 14:36

  At present, the depth and cross-border integration of education and science and technology has promoted the "learning revolution" and has given birth to new forms of education such as online courses, which have raised new challenges and opportunities for the reform of educational governance. Recently, it was initiated by the Ministry of Education's Policy and Regulations Department, jointly organized by the Legal System Committee of the China Education Development Strategy Institute, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and the East China Normal University, the East China Normal University Law School, the Juvenile Legal Education Collaborative Innovation Center (East China Normal University), and the East China Normal University. The 2nd "China Education Law and Education Development Summit Forum" co-organized by the Organizer and Guangming Daily Education Research Center was held in East China Normal University. Around the theme of “the development of new education formats and the rule of law in education”, the experts and scholars participating in the conference had a lively discussion If you buy a preheating battery online, you will get an extensive range of the product with colour and voltage options. The payment options are equally diverse and the preheat battery will be delivered to your doorstep!.

  Education governance needs to “move at any time”

  Ren Youqun: The party's Nineteenth Congress has written "advancing the modernization of the country's governance system and governance capabilities" into the party constitution, emphasizing the modernization of governance. It is actually emphasizing the dynamic development features of governance concepts and governance methods. The rule of law is the foundation and guarantee of governance, and it is a form of governance. It is also a concentrated reflection of a period of governance concepts and governance measures. Education governance needs to be “moved at any time”, and education and the rule of law also need to be constantly adjusted according to the development of the times and changes in governance concepts.

  Education has long been considered to be an activity that "accords to certain social requirements and the needs of the educated, and has a purposeful, planned, and organized influence on the educated to cultivate the people needed by a certain society (or class). "Generally speaking, this kind of activity takes place at a specific time, in a particular space, in a particular subject." The core of the educational governance concept associated with this view of education is actually through the management of educational subjects, educational space, educational time, and educational content, so that the development of educational activities is more orderly and healthy. Objectively speaking, over a long period of time, compared with other fields, the form of education has not changed much; but this situation has begun to change after entering the 21st century. In the age of the Internet, the new development needs and new technologies that are constantly being accelerated are reconstructing the main body, environment, and content of education.

  Wang Hao: Once learning needs have been developed, they will no longer be satisfied. Over the past millennia, the right to learn and the need to learn have not always been something that everyone can have. People have set various economic, intellectual, or ability thresholds as a prerequisite to start learning or further study. In the past 100 years, the popularity from basic education to higher education has greatly reduced the threshold for people to learn, but the threshold for access to quality education at all levels is still firmly established. At the same time, universal education has greatly developed the demand of the public for further study, leading to a more intense contradiction between diverse learning needs and education supply extracapsular spread This study supports the inclusion of ECS, a known prognostic factor, in the new edition..

  In the process of vigorously promoting the popularization of education, the role of the governments of various countries in the world is enormous and decisive. During the basic education stage, education organized by the government has become dominant and has occupied more than half of the country's territory. Higher education means that each country has its own merits. However, the universal and free public education immediately faces the contradiction between relatively single supply and increasingly diversified demand, and has to seek answers from the society and the market, and try reforms such as charter schools, magnet schools, entrusted management, and public assistance. At the same time, from pre-school education to higher education, social forces running schools are rejuvenated. Private education impacts public education. For-profit education impacts non-profit education. Off-campus tutorials impact school education. Various education resource companies impact schools.

  Information technology seems to have begun to appear as the “substitute” of mainstream education. Correspondence, radio and television, and online education have been used as a supplement to school education to provide channels for those who do not have access to school education. However, the situation has begun to change. People are beginning to seek opportunities for quality education from the Internet, learn top-notch schools through the Internet, or spread quality resources to remote areas. Internet technology, especially the development of mobile terminals, began to provide a widely-existing learning environment, personalized learning options, interactive learning methods, virtual community-based learning ecology, and various thresholds for entry into learning began to “collapse.”

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